IKEA Klockis Hack

A "wake-up" light for IKEA Klockis -
adding a small timer circuit with a button to turn on the LCD back-light.

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The Klockis is a wonderful little device, four different functions in one smart case. By flipping the Klockis to anyone of the sides you get either: Clock, Temperature, Timer or Alarm clock. All this made possible with a very simple but smart tilt-switch.
However, I found it quite annoying that you have to flip the clock each time you want to turn on the LCD back-light. It also makes a beep when turned.
Say for example that you want to see how much the clock is in the middle of the night, then you have to flip it back and forth to lit the background LED, also you will hear a beep each time, that is a big thumb down.
My hack will make it possible to "wake-up" the LED for about 5 seconds so it you can see the time, or other function, without hearing any beep.

A note to the schematic:

The "wires" from the schematic is there to illustrate where the circuit will be hooked up to the RGB LED on the PCB, the R LED that looks like it is in parallel with it is actual the Red part of the RGB LED.

I have made a spice simulation of my circuit by using LTSpice. This is as a proof of concept before doing the actual hack. It is very nice to be able to test your circuit before buying all the components, in case you got a brain fart, it might save you some time and money ;-)

The optocoupler and voltage source, down in the right corner of the LTSpice window, simulates the push button that will wake up the background LED.


LTSpice simulation file.

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yann1420 wrote 05/28/2019 at 11:17 point

For me to understand, is this an idea, or have you actually built the hack?
If I understand correctly, you use the existing red LED to light. The 5 seconds is determined by an traditional RC network that controls the darlington.
Where do you get the power from?
How is the actual switch mounted?

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