• First Steps Into The Project

    Jean Boutros01/17/2017 at 16:45 0 comments

    The first step to kick-off this project is to choose the components for our switcher.

    - SO-239 connectors

    - Relays or electronic switches

    - Resistors

    - capacitors

    - breadboard

    - thick copper wires

    The challenge here is to choose the right relays and the right components to keep noise as low as possible as well as interference.

    We will be using this switcher for 1 MHz to around 600 MHz

    The other challenge is to make the circuit able to support 2000W of transmission power.

    Finally the number of inputs (antennas) should be modular. Between one and x.

    The intention here is to be able to use the raspberry pi's GPIO ports to address n number of relays or switches, and to toggle ON only one switch, which will correspond to the antenna that we will be using.

    Looking forward to hear from other members to join forces. (Especially in the electronics part)