• An intro to the lady "BON"

    spetku06/09/2018 at 04:20 0 comments

    Hi everyone! This spring I've committed to make myself "a suit of armor" that will indicate my physical status... particularly my level of excitement. My intention is to manipulate a multitude of sensors in order to track my physical status, so that when I reach a heightened state, some other mechanical wearables will actuate to indicate when this threshold is reached!

    As a creator of technology and physical things, I would like to live in a world where our bio-data can be used to communicate what is otherwise invisible... and as a result, grants us humans the ability to express our individuality in new and unique ways.

    I wish to wield technology in order to make life more interesting for myself, and everyone I interact with. If you would like to accomplish the same thing, I welcome you, fellow maker/hacker, to talk to me about your thoughts and reflections. Lets make the world awesome by choosing to know ourselves, and each other better. <3