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PicoGamepadCoverter is a project designed for RP2040 or Raspberry Pi Pico and variants, that enabling switch to different gamepad modes using a gamepad as input. Re-use old gamepads that don't support USB connections or make compatibles with certain platform.


- Read input from USB and Bluetooth controllers.
- Read inputs from no USB peripherals.
- Web interface to choose between modes.
- Different out modes (Dinput, Xinput, Switch, Bluetooth)
- Easy to use, no overcomplicated options.


Exist two parameter to choose on web interface, host and device. The first is the input and another one the output.


- Xinput: Support Xbox controllers or Xinput compatibles controllers.
- Dinput: Support generic gamepads, PS4, PS3 and 8BITDO controllers.

Wireless MODES
- Bluetooth: Support generic gamepads, PS4 and 8BITDO controllers.

- Keyboard/PS2: Support keyboards with PS/2 connector.
- PS1/PS2: Support PS1 controllers (For now PS2 controller doesn't work well)


 - Xinput: Simulation of Xinput gamepad controllers (doesn't work on consoles, only on PC).
- Dinput: Simulation of a generic HID gamepad.
- Switch: Simulation of Switch Pro controller.

Wireless MODES
- Bluetooth: Simulation of a generic HID gamepad.


You can to set some additional configuration if you required:

- Block analogs.
- Swap Dpap and Left analog.
- Add deadzone to analogs.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Pico Any RP2040 board variant
  • 1 × OTG cable micro-USB or USB-C it depends on your board
  • 1 × USB cable micro-USB or USB-C it depends on your board
  • 1 × Push buttons Optional (Reset and web mode )
  • 1 × Breadboard Optional

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  • 1
    Download the firmware

    Download the build program and copy on the microcontroller.

  • 2
    Make the connections.
  • 3
    Enter to web mode

    Go to configuration mode pressing the button on 18 GPIO on start. On web mode the led start to blink.

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