So far, I have cut away the back aly body, and exposed the driver boards, with hardly any damage.

It looks like there are a bunch of driver IC's attached to the drivers, under what at first looked like kapton tape, but now appears to be some sort of flexi-circuit taking the oled drive to the front of the screen. See pic of one partly peeled up.

One idea I had was to power it up (see below*) and strap strong LEDs to the driver chips, which might activate the drivers, and as I switch the LEDs it will switch the drivers on and off, in unpredictable ways.

* I need to identify the power rails and what the rail voltages are. GND is easy.

If you know what the OLED drive voltages might be for R, G and B that would be interesting.

It's an HD display so ~1000x720x3? But I count only around 600? lines to the front through the flexis. So it's still a mystery how the individual LED's are addressed/powered.

NEW: I found this, not the right board, but, probably gives some clues:

Yes, the digital interface is called "V by 1" or Vx1. E.G.