Universal R/W multitool - AnyFlasher

AnyFlasher is a universal reader/writer for various electronic devices.

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Imagine you no longer need programmers for microcontrollers, and unique cables for each device that comes your way. So to speak, one programmer to control them all. And now imagine that this is a universal device that can work with almost any data bus, that is, you can flash microcontrollers via UART, and in the next instant you are already reading I2C flash or displaying characters on an LCD display.

The key feature of my idea is to do everything without soldering or sticking wires into the breadboard.

AnyFlasher is a Raspberry Pi hat, it is a matrix of multiplexers/demultiplexers. This way we can connect the Raspberry Pi pins in any given order to the breadboard pins. So there is no soldering, we can connect the devices with a direct cable or by simply inserting the module into the breadboard.

  • AnyFlasher PCB v1.0.0 test completed

    Craftiarenko03/31/2024 at 13:28 0 comments

    Tested the first version of the board.

    Found a few errors:
    1. Missed route
    2. Activation of the MUX without an address leads to a short circuit of the zero pin
    3. The voltage drop on the Darlington array is too high

    Conclusions: soldering the board to the end does not make sense, it is necessary to fix the PCB

  • PCBs

    Craftiarenko03/26/2024 at 11:06 0 comments

    The printed circuit boards have arrived. I have already started phased assembly and testing.

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