New Putting Mode and LM User Interface

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Launch monitor using low-cost raspberry pi and camera hardware to determine ball launch speed, angles and spin

james-pilgrimJames Pilgrim 04/23/2024 at 17:020 Comments

Ultimately, the system shouldn't care whether a player is putting as opposed to hitting a full-speed shot with a driver.  But for right now, it's easier to accommodate the different image processing parameters in those two scenarios by telling the system when you're putting.  I've got a plan to automatically switch between modes, but I'd like to get some higher-priority features going first, such as the TruGolfinterface and switching over to the Raspberry Pi 5.

The system can be set to putting mode either by using the build-in user-interface (see near the end of the linked video), or by using the golf simulate (in this case, GSPro) to select the putter as the current club.  Once selected, the system configures itself for the slower putting speeds.  I've been able to accurately determine putts as slow as 1.5 mph, and as fast as almost 20 mph.

The following video gives a little demonstration of a couple of putts.