Openterface Mini-KVM: Laptop as a KVM Console

Control another computer using your laptop via USB and HDMI for seamless operation and rapid troubleshooting.

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The Openterface Mini-KVM is a handy tool that we have been crafting for a while and are continuously improving. This portable KVM-over-USB solution enables you to use your laptop or computer as a KVM console to control another computer without the need for extra monitors, keyboards, or mice.

The setup is minimal: simply install our host application on your computer, and you're ready for on-the-go headless control. It operates plug-and-play via USB and HDMI. Additionally, with video adapters, it can support computers with VGA, DVI, micro-HDMI, DP, etc.

Whether you're an IT professional troubleshooting servers, a developer managing multiple tests on edge computing devices, a tech enthusiast exploring single-board computers, or someone keen on decluttering their workspace, the Openterface Mini-KVM is the solution!

It currently supports macOS, and we are actively working on extending compatibility to Windows and Linux systems.


Cameron Gray's Youtube Preview: This USB KVM Console is Awesome!

Mini-KVM: Turn Your Laptop as a KVM console | Introduction

Openterface Mini-KVM's Features:

  • Host App Compatibility: Currently supports macOS, with support for Windows and Linux in development.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Headless control via HDMI and emulated keyboard/mouse, without network concern.
  • Portability: Its compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect tool for professionals on the go.
  • Text Transfer from Host to Target: Ideal for copying usernames, passwords, and small chunks of code to the target computer via our host applications.
  • Full HD with Low Latency: Captures video via HDMI at a 1920x1080 resolution at 30fps, with under 140 milliseconds of latency. With the help of a video adapter, it can also support DisplayPort and DVI video sources.
  • Audio Integration: Captures and plays the target device's audio directly on the host computer.
  • BIOS-Level Access: Provides direct access to the target device's BIOS, firmware, or startup management.
  • Switchable USB Type-A Port: This allows you to toggle USB access between the host and the target, ideal for sharing a USB drive without replugging.
  • Clean Setup: Leaves no software on the target computer.

Open Source Plans

Please bear with us for now, as we are still sorting out our messy code, which is not yet ready for the public. We are entering the beta phase now. After the hardware and software reach a certain good point, we will make the project open source.

We're building an open-source community on Reddit, r/Openterface_miniKVM, around the Openterface Mini-KVM, enabling IT experts and enthusiasts alike to discuss bugs, features, and add custom features that cater to their specific needs, fostering innovation and collaboration.

We would appreciate any contributions to our development and will acknowledge contributors in our thank-you list.


We're looking forward to your support! If you haven't subscribed to our Crowd Supply's Pre-launch page yet, please do so and consider becoming our backer in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Can't wait to embark on this adventure with you! ❤️

  • Mini-KVM Allies Ready to Join the Tech Frontline

    Billy RB Wang04/29/2024 at 15:07 1 comment

    Each device is geared up, packed, and lined up as an Openterface squadron 殺 Ready to deploy to Tech frontlines across different countries ✈️ and join our beta team for testing and feedback!  Meet your new Tech allies soon, Mini-KVM Beta Team! Let's improve together! ️

  • Cameron Gray's (p)review of Openterface Mini-KVM

    Billy RB Wang04/03/2024 at 16:00 0 comments

    We are absolutely thrilled and grateful to see our product featured on Cameron Gray’s channel!  Huge thanks to Cameron for the detailed review that demonstrated and articulated insightful points about this little gadget.

  • Mini-KVM: Turn Your Laptop as a KVM console

    Billy RB Wang04/01/2024 at 03:17 0 comments

    Hey, tech enthusiasts! 🚀 I've finally found time and made this formal-style introduction for our Openterface Mini-KVM. 

    💭 We Want to Hear From You! Got thoughts on our feature? Any tweaks or improvements you’d love to see? Drop us a comment. Your feedback is our tech fuel! Cheers!

  • App Feature to Transfer Text from Host to Target

    Billy RB Wang03/25/2024 at 05:53 0 comments

  • Openterface MacOS App Launch!!!

    Billy RB Wang03/22/2024 at 09:32 0 comments

    Hi, Tech Floks!

    I'm thrilled to share a milestone achievement with you today: Our macOS host application for Openterface mini-KVM is now available on the Apple App Store!

    To discover our application, simply search for "Openterface" or "minikvm" on the App Store 🔍

    However, there's a unique twist! As of now, you might not be able to fully experience the app without an Openterface mini-KVM device. This brings us to an exciting opportunity: We are inviting our cherished community members to become beta testers! 🌟

    As a tester, you'll not only gain early access to our groundbreaking application but will also receive an Openterface mini-KVM, on the house! We're inviting you to test our app and device in real-world scenarios: your work or hobby projects.

    🕵️ Your mission? To identify any bugs 🐞 that need addressing, suggest features 🚀 that could enhance your experience, and much more. This is your chance to directly influence the development of a product designed to streamline your digital life. Your contributions will not only be appreciated but also acknowledged in our thank-you list 📜 later. Please note, the opportunity to become a beta tester is limited due to the unique and exclusive nature of this early access phase.

    📝 Interested? If you're eager to embark on this pioneering journey with us, express your interest by replying to our subreddit's post and completing the application form.

    🗓 Deadline for This Round: the deadline to express interest and submit your application for this first round of beta testing is 29th March, New York time. We will announce the lucky individuals selected as our beta testers right here in this post on 1st April. Don't miss this unique opportunity to shape the future of technology with us.

    ⏳ What's Next? This is just the first round of invitations for beta testers. If you don't make it this time, don't lose hope! Stay tuned for future rounds.

    📣 A Call to Action! Beyond testing, we have another favour to ask. Help us spread the word about the Openterface mini-KVM and its upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Your support could be the wind beneath our wings, propelling this product into existence more swiftly and making it more affordable. Every share, every conversation helps us gain the momentum we need.

    We're looking forward to your support! If you haven't subscribed to our Crowd Supply's Pre-launch page yet, please do so and consider becoming our backer in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Can't wait to embark on this adventure with you! ❤️


    Openterface Team | TechxArtisan Studio

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