Prototype 1 :

proto 1proto 1

Result : 

  • We need a change in the fixation. We want something removable and attached on the armrest => an elastic around the armrest
  • We want the possibility to hold a mug (with a handle)                                                                   => hole on the ring of the cupholder
  • We also want the possibility to hold all size of cups                                                                      => just one low ring on the cup holder

Prototype 2 :

proto 2proto 2

Result : 

  • we need to adjust the measurement of the tray                                                                            => a smaller tray and ring that can hold universal cups.
  • think about a better way to fix it for it to be removable and secure                                              => system of attach removable with a slide we can stuck on the side.

Prototype 3 :

Fixing part

fixing partBody part
body partFirst print of the fixing part

Result : 

  • For the fixation, we had used a pre-existant design made by our professor. We can get rid of the edges because they were meant for another project, it doesn't matter for our project        => For the next prototype, we'll keep the same concept but we'll make it all round

Prototype 4 :

Results :

Can fit more object, and different size

A hole made to allow mug hold to enter and a small flat part to fix the attach