To begin with the 3D model files ARE NOT MINE. These models are primarily from Helagak, with permission, and jackieisrockin, with permission. I asked both contributors from therpf in 2011-2013 during my autocad class for various models before I settled on the 42/43.

The only work I did to these is make them printable and usable on a makerbot mini with supports.

Further modifications were made by hand with a soldering iron. (5V blower fan attachment and rigging)

The original project used a Arduino UNO then moved to a Arduino mini and now sits on a digispark for the chest and arms.

I plan to add; (Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger 16MB Flash) and maybe; (Circuit Playground - Developer Edition) as repulsars in future versions [not sure about size though dexterity is not great as is].

I will be uploading the code I used here;


To build the Shell of the suit simply go to thingiverse and all parts are available for print. start with the helmet or build from the chest out like I did.

to make the gloves more dexterous I bought black work gloves (cotton, menards)

and thermally cut through them to make the hands actually move like real hands do.

The code is very simplistic and I will be working to improve upon it.

The whole suit runs on a single Anker power pack; (mo amperage, mo better) Using 5V as the standard for the entire suit makes headaches go away.

In the early builds I tried to use AA or a 9V battery but not enough amperage to keep it going for long periods of time. ( 3d printer sounds in background. more led testing;

To keep wiring simple I used usb cables and followed the simple wiring schematic;
I use a lot of hotglue to keep all the wires and componants in place. This is not a permanant solution and was designed knowing I would always be improving this suit and its componants.

I would also like to thank my dad for helping me with all my electronic questions and giving me hints along the way ♥