Quantity   Component name
1 × RP2040-LCD-0.96 This is a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller with a 0.96-inch display attached. You can find it by searching for "RP2040-LCD-0.96"
1 × LIR2032 Coin Cell Sized Battery Evaluation, Demonstration Kits, Boards and Modules / Evaluation Kits, Boards and Modules
1 × Battery Holder Search for "CR2032 holder" to find the right battery holder for the LIR2032 battery.
1 × JST 1.25mm male connector
1 × Nickel Strips
2 × 2k ohm resistors
1 × Slide Switch A switch with dimensions of 20mm x 6mm
4 × Threaded Inserts and Screws M2 threaded inserts and screws (you'll need four).
1 × Machine Screws and Nuts M2.5 screws and nuts for securing components.
1 × 3d printed enclosure