Low cost, raspberry pi based, KNX server

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Low cost, raspberry pi based, KNX server. Direct access to USB port, no eibd used.
Server can be accessed via rf (433 Mhz) battery powered wall switches or remotes, combined with arduino and esp8266 modules.
PIR motion detectors (433 Mhz) are used for no touch, lights on and off function.
Web interface is also implemented and served from Raspberry Pi and Apache server, so as to control both lights and shutters.

Functions implemented so far:

Server Side. Server works satisfactory. Log file is kept in SQL database format, with time stamp for each action captured by the server. Server receives messages from:
1. Instabus network through a bus to usb, adapter (JUNG)
2. WiFi through ESP8266 client module interfacing arduino uno clone, which receives commands from:
a. 433 Mhz battery powered wall switches
b. 433 Mhz battery powered PIR detectors
c. IR remote control unit
3. Web interface

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