LED Flashlight

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LED Flashlight for everyone

Please read because of Battery

I read a lot of people using this battery to run their LED.
This battery is not for operating the LED. Its a normaly mobilephone battery ( existing of 9 small batteries)
The energie the LED needs to run, is not high eneough (discharge energie).
When LED takes to much Energie, the protective circuit release and battery cant used anymore.
So please use LiPo battery.

Every Cell (6 Cell) of the battery has to charge seperate (by using the balancer connector)
So you need a spezial Charger

What i used to upgrade is a battery controll (cells should not discharged under 2,9 V DC)

Contact me if you have questions


Led cooling


Led driver

LiPo battery

LED reflector lense

Aluminium case

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  • LED V2

    Norman07/30/2014 at 19:39 0 comments

    For Details, see my LED Flashlight Project V2

  • Upgrade

    Norman07/21/2014 at 08:14 0 comments

    Upgrading the aluminiumcase to a smaller and much lighter one. from 131x256x91 to 68,5x297x77. and quater of the weight.

    also without a fan, but with a poti to slow down the energy because of the heating

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  • 1
    Step 1

    comes as far as i can.

    ehm, give me one week 

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