Smart Lamp 1.0

Powerful 80 watt Li-ion Battery powered Emergency light, powerbank , Automatic Night Lamp.

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complete Analog Design Smart lamp
1. 5Watt LED Touch ON / OFF lamp Run : 15Hr
2. 300mw Warm Automatic Night Lamp turn on in Dark Run: 300Hr in built ADC
3 ,In built powerbank 10watt,
4. 15watt charging microusb, CCCV with Thermal protection, Heatsink for Heat dissipation increase efficiency. ion battery cell 18650 with all safety protection
6.sleep current 20ua (microampere)
7. PWM using 555 Timer IC for LED fading while charging (orange green ,cyan colour ) manual selection switch
8. 80watt Battery pack 🔋Nominal = 3.7volt , 19000mah ,

8.Standby mode : 1month
9.Many features...

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