ContaC is an elegant, metal business card that transfers users’ contact information digitally through NFC technology.

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Stacks of ugly business cards are now a thing of the past; with Contac cards, users can transfer information digitally by tapping their cards to any NFC-enabled device.

In a market that demands efficiency, the business card has become an obsolete networking method. First of all, most business cards do not leave a lasting impression as they are made of cheap material and aesthetically displeasing. By contrast, our luxurious, metal cards are designed to impress. Second, it is unnecessarily time consuming to transfer written information on a business card to an electronic database on a computer. Contac cards allow users to save information directly on their NFC-enabled smartphone. Lastly, paper business cards are thrown away after one use. Not only is it costly to repeatedly order more cards; the waste of paper is also harmful to the environment. Our business cards will also allow users to change the stored information instantly on the Contac website.
  • 1 × NFC Chip Near Field Communication chip that transfers data to NFC-enabled devices.
  • 1 × Metal Steel rectangle with laser-engraved design and stamped slot for NFC.

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