PADI IoT Stamp running Arduino

Hacking together an Arduino board package for the PADI IoT Stamp/RTL8710AF

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A box of PADI IoT Stamps arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. After soldering an SoC to a carrier board, I was able to communicate with it over UART and I could bang in a few AT commands to make it do stuff.

I looked around for some Arduino integration, but it was a bit rough around the edges except for the Ameba IoT package from Realtek.

Their binary flasher only works with their mbed board/tool, and I didn't want to spend money or time waiting around for one. I came across an OpenOCD rtl8710 flasher and was able to dump the contents of a PADI IoT stamp and flash my own binaries from the command line.

This was all I needed to bodge it into a board package for Arduino.

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Kobus Marneweck wrote 06/13/2018 at 16:58 point

Can you provide more details on this crucial step. "The platform.txt contains a menu to configure OpenOCD via the Arduino's Tools menu. If you don't see your OpenOCD compatible device in the drop down, you likely need to add a new menu item."

Can you add a few screen shots?


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