GroveHat for the Arduino Nano

Grove-compatible breakout board for Arduino Nano with Serial, Digital, PWM, Analog and I2C

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Seeed Studio's Grove is an ingenious way to create hardware interoperability between accessories made for maker. It uses a standard socket & pinout, supports more than 100 accessories already (from sensors to output, from displays to wireless communication). Breakout boards make several microcontroller & computer platforms to be able to use these accessories (full scale Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and Galileo, VIA VAB-820, and so on).

GroveHat now brings access to all those accessories to Arduino Nano as well!

Technical specs

This breakout board targets the v3.x series of the Arduino Nano (and compatible clones), while trying to be usable with other boards like the Pro Micro and v2.x series of the Nano. It makes available Serial (TX/RX) line, Digital, Analog, PWM, and I2C functions, while maintains the same form factor as the Nano board. Since all the above boards have slightly different pinout and very little space on the breakout board to indicate all the possibilities, the silkscreen tries to indicate the usage for the Nano v3.x, while additional documentation shows the functions on other boards.

Nano v3.xRx/D0, Tx/D1D3, D2A5, A4 or I2CA0, A1D9, D10
Nano v2.xRx/D0, Tx/D1D3, D2A3, A4A7, A6D9, D10
Pro MicroRx/D0, Tx/D1D2, D2 or I2CA5, A4A0, A1D9, D10

Above: matching up the Nano and GroveHat: fits onto the back of the Arduino board.

Above: Schematics


Known issues with the v1 board (mostly harmless, just for reference) The A/I2C socket's silkscreen wrongly indicates the pins for A4 and A5, they should be the switched: for most Grove-compatible analog devices use "A5" in the sketch (Nano v3.x) The A4/A5 pins are not marked as used with a silkscreen square around them on the side These issues will be fixed in future PCB runs!

Get one

Revision 1 is not available on Tindie: GroveHat for the Arduino Nano.


The board is released under the CERN Open Hardware License 1.2.

  • First production run sold out

    Gergely Imreh02/14/2016 at 06:04 0 comments

    I really wanted to make this board because I felt it was useful not just for me, but useful in general. The initial production run was 30 boards, using Seeed Studio's FusionPCB service. Now that's almost all gone. It's time to do a bug-fix update to the Gerbers and do another production run! Things likely to change:

    • Pinout to make I2C compatible with all 3 relevant Arduino boards
    • Silkscreen fixes

    Have any other feedback to me? Would love to hear, please let me know!

    Also, if you are affiliated with a hackerspace, drop me a line and I'd be happy to send you one board to try!

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