Obstacle 1: number-height of 60mm

A project log for RGB seven-segment display [RSSD]

My journey to create a big but thin, evenly illuminated seven-segment display.

JanJan 03/02/2017 at 19:340 Comments


As I wanted to use spare WS2813 LEDs I have lying around, I needed a typeface which has wide enough segments to fit these at a height of 60mm. A quick google search for "led font" or "7 segment font" gave lots of options to choose from.


My first choice was Open 24 Display st by southype.

The problem here is the number "1". As the segments don't reach the top/bottom segments number 1 seems much smaller than the other digits. Another search brought up Digital-7 by Style-7.

Ah, much nicer! After converting it from .ttf to vector I had to modify it slightly to get it to the dimensions I needed. Height is exactly 60mm, width is 32mm. A few of the dimensions:

Width of the single segments is enough to fit the 5x5mm LEDs. I modified the bridges between the segments to 1,6mm so laser utting from 2mm thick steel won't yield any problems.