KIM-UNO clone from HANIMEX

Upgrade a old pocket calculator with a modern chip emulating a old computer.

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I acquired a beautiful Hanimex Electronic Calculator (Model: L500) on the fleamarket with the thought of reusing the clicky retro buttons and the 9-digit 8-segment bubble LED display. After a bit of research I found the Kim Uno project, which uses 24 buttons and a 6 digit 8-segment display, which would fit charmingly into the enclosure without big manipulations. The display is split into 4 digits displaying DAta or ADresses, followed by 2 more digits. On the hanimex this would lend itself to an aesthetic spread of XOOOOXOOX in the center of the display window. Further more the Hanimex has a mini-audio jack on top of the casing (For printing?) which could easily be replaced with a 3- or 4-ring plug to enable the functionality of the serial output in a similar package as the mini-midi connectors. Or even USB in a similar way as for example the ıPod shuffle is charged. Other than that I will re-lable the keypad
  • 1 × HANIMEX Electronic Calculator Model: L500
  • 1 × 9V Battery
  • 1 × Barebones Arduino Uno/Leonardo
  • 1 × Mini jack

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