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Open source, low cost home Braille embosser

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This project is an open source Braille printer/embosser based on the arduino IDE which an work with a variety of microcontrolers and parts with minor code modifications. Braille printers are very expensive, and the cheap ones have limited functionality, which has been a boundary to providing printed media and education to the blind. Why is this world changing? It could give all braille users equal access to the worlds information, and there is no limit to what they may use that information for.

Will be capable of many modes including
Standard format 6 dot braille
Large format 6 dot braille*
Brailler (type writer) mode when using a braille keyboard*
8 dot international formats*
Moon code*
Latin and other unicode characters*
Mathematical charts and formatting*
graphics mode*
G code free style*
and other not yet imagined.
*on my to do list

Completely open hardware just please credit me, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).


Latest arduino ide code, for use over serial

ino - 10.27 kB - 09/04/2017 at 11:08


  • 1 × sg-90 servo for the dot punch
  • 1 × arduino compatible microcontroler
  • 2 × ULN2003 stepper Driver
  • 2 × 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor

  • Source code and parts added....

    haydn jones09/04/2017 at 11:36 0 comments

    Added the current source code and parts list, and wiring and operating instructions to be added shortly. All the components are working together as planed, 'just' need to design the shell now.

    I am currently working on designing a laser cutable shell to combine all the components in to a polished printer.

  • Wired prototype

    haydn jones03/20/2017 at 19:01 0 comments

    I am currently waiting on a shipment of bars, bearings, belts and all the other useful hardware to build the machine in to a printer shape. So in the mean time I will show the code running and moving the steppers (paper feed and line position) along with the dot punch servo.

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    Wiring Instructions

    1. Plug the 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors in to the ULN2003 stepper Drivers. one will be used to roll the paper along the y-axis and one will be for moving the 'print head along the x axis. 

    2. Connect the x axis driver to the arduino from its pins 1 to 4 to the arduinos pins 4 to 7.

    3. Connect the y axis driver to the arduino from its pins 1 to 4 to the arduinos pins 8 to 11.

    4. Connect the sg90 servo to the arduino (check code).

    5. Connect the power lines for all 3 to the arduino.

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    Operating instructions

    To operate the printer open the arduino serial monitor. cells are drawn by punching dots anti clockwise from the top left position then moving the the start point of the next cell when complete"

    commands are entered in 3 character decimal.

    "100" activates printer and returns "ready" on the serial monitor

    "000" creates a space.

    "064" moves to a new line, and 24 charactors on a line also moves automatically to a new line.

    "001" to "063" are used for all possible braille cells and map to their 6-bit binary values.

    All other instructions up to "127" are reserved for new functions.

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