133.5k 527 62 383
Pi Zero-based open-source mobile phone (that you can assemble for 50$ in parts)
16.4k 269 22 205
A versatile autonomous environmental drone using a buoyancy engine
Project Owner Contributor

Open source underwater glider

Alex Williams

33.8k 233 25 166
Based on NodeMCU ESP8266 Lua multi-mode WiFi hacking kit
Project Owner Contributor

Wifi Hacking using ESP8266

Tejas Lotlikar

11.4k 275 27 163
Miniature VT100 with all the bells and whistles
2.7k 71 11 148
A robot that can control and be controlled for any kind of activities.
Project Owner Contributor

Human Assistant Robot

Rishaldy Prisly

26.3k 519 16 132
The Arduino ECU / EMS Project. Open, cheap, hacker friendly engine management
Project Owner Contributor


Josh Stewart

3.1k 98 29 120
To determine the type and amount of adulteration in a given substance using Image Processing.
Project Owner Contributor

AI based Adulteration Detector


3.1k 146 8 119
Super Simple IoT Button. Easy to build and easy to program
Project Owner Contributor

A.I.B (Another IoT Button)

Hendra Kusumah

2.4k 144 13 113
A project for the people suffering from tremor,this device can be used to analyze the tremor frequency and stabilize it by using a gyroscope
7.6k 109 15 110
A very affordable lighting system that can be used as efficient grow lights for indoor plants and customizable ambient lighting.
7.2k 143 26 109
HeartyPatch is a fully open-source, IoT connected, BLE enabled heart-rate variability & ECG patch with great accuracy
5.6k 95 17 108
DIY electronic Hydrometer
Project Owner Contributor



16.9k 110 27 100
NEDONAND is 8-bit homebrew computer entirely built out of many 74F00 chips (2-input NAND gates)
Project Owner Contributor

NEDONAND homebrew computer


5.8k 357 24 99
Soldering pen for Weller RT tips with OLED display
Project Owner Contributor

RT Soldering pen


3.5k 158 10 93
I made a shortcut keypad which can automate anything at the press of a button! It is programmed with a drag and drop interface I created.
27.5k 115 5 86
Creating the worlds first 32 bit homebrew CPU using 74' series logic.
Project Owner Contributor

Worlds first 32 bit Homebrew CPU

Phil Wright

10.3k 288 7 85
Pi Zero Prism is the upgraded version of Pi Zero Smart glass.Uses Image,Facial,ocr recognition,and browse Internet on it.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Zero Prism

Ricardo Ferro

1.8k 57 2 84
Do It Yourself - Bio-signal Acquisition System. Its an accesible, and friendly alternative to acquire and study complex bio-signals like EEG
Project Owner Contributor



3.1k 162 3 82
Neopixel watch with accelerometer helps people with poor vision. please like.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Neopixel Watch

Marcello Graves

7.4k 69 9 82
An ARM based scientific calculator
Project Owner Contributor

Scientific Calculator

Ramón Calvo

4k 143 16 81
ESP32 emulating to be a cartridge
Project Owner Contributor

WIFI Game Boy Cartridge


15.4k 442 32 81
The only thing worth doing, is the thing worth doing right!
8.4k 83 10 77
SamD21 card development platform Multi-sensor tricorder with 22x5 led matrix display, sd card, battery, environment sensors
6.8k 94 21 76
WiFi connected, solar powered, ePaper
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi ePaper

Frank Buss

9.3k 149 9 75
An easy to build embroidery machine, with open source design and software.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Embroidery Machine


3.2k 83 3 71
Minimalistic Nixie clock designed to fit in an ALTOIDS tin!
5.9k 78 0 71
Graphical Development Environment for Arduino controller type boards
Project Owner Contributor


Boian Mitov

4.8k 181 65 70
My goal is a 4-bit CPU using recycled cardboard substrate and Diode Transistor Logic. This will develop into an educational platform
15.2k 180 16 70
atsamd11c14 Arduino zero compatible ARM M0 compact usb stick
Project Owner Contributor

DiXi - arduino sam D11 usb stick


4.6k 617 15 68
Sub 1GHZ RF wireless modules operating at 915MHZ and 433MHZ ISM bands, based on the ADF7023, full open source!
5.5k 76 5 67
this board have unique compact design and is easy to assembly +SD card reader +RGB led +Touch pad +User button
3.2k 214 0 67
Added features Like music stream, customizable greeting, camera selfie.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Mirror

shubham khatri

771 59 2 67
The main idea of the project is to design a solar car that tackles the problems related to pollution, shortage of fuel and accidents
Project Owner Contributor

Solar powered smart car


2.5k 301 15 65
A complete LiFePO4 based solar power supply for IoT devices
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

3.5k 38 6 65
Bring open source soft-core MCU into FPGA, enjoy flexibility and customization like no other
Project Owner Contributor

Play FPGA like Arduino

Changyi Gu

748 65 9 65
The Smart Solution to Climate Change
6.7k 103 6 64
FREE and Open Source, Arduino Due based Telescope Control GOTO
3.7k 85 9 63
The sequel to one of the most popular projects of Hackaday Prize 2016.
3.6k 126 9 60
Interactive LED Kit
Project Owner Contributor

Trixel LED


4.4k 94 13 60
Next Gen LiFePO4 battery / UPS / power manager for Raspberry Pi, ideal for headless and IoT use
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

4.7k 239 7 60
An array of individual cosmic ray detectors distributed across a landscape to display how cosmic rays arrive as showers of muons.
Project Owner Contributor

Cosmic Array

Robert Hart

8.4k 134 26 59
Open Source CAN Bus Based Servo Stepper for Multi Axis Gang Control
Project Owner Contributor

AnanasStepper 2.0


516 55 2 57
In vehicle accident, An alerting message which contains time and location automatically is sent to emergency agencies for relief the victim.
Project Owner Contributor

Accident alert system


7.8k 87 5 55
Pablo Odysseus is a autonomous Beach Art rover. The point is to draw large drawings on the beach.
Project Owner Contributor

Pablo Odysseus


1.6k 41 0 55
An open design robotic arm, made with dc motors, 5 degrees of freedom, can pick up 5 Kg at 1.50 m and with the lowest cost posible
8.1k 359 3 54
This is ongoing project of the mobile robot that can move in a rough terrain
Project Owner Contributor

4WD all terrain robot


3.4k 38 6 54
SnappCat is a small device that recognizes your cat(s), takes a picture, adds a meme, and sends it to your mobile phone.
6.7k 84 12 53
Customizable linear actuators made easy....and cheaper.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Actuator System: Maker Muscle


2.9k 50 33 53
A small battery-powered meditation aid to keep you focused and refreshed wherever you go.
3.6k 78 6 52
A safety glasses with a bluetooth enabled head mounted oled Display, to diplay data from your measuring device right into your view field.
7.2k 74 10 51
Simple gsm phone with 22x5 LED display, 16 keys, atsamd21, and sim800l module, QI charging
Project Owner Contributor

DIY GSM arduino FR4 cell phone


3k 31 7 49
A cheap Exoskeleton Arm (ExoArm), that will help elderly, disabled people and workers complete everyday tasks with less exhaustion.
1.6k 134 0 47
Very small robots with features equivalent to their larger counterparts. For classrooms, robotics labs and more!
Project Owner Contributor

Micro Robots.

Joshua Elsdon

9.8k 555 17 47
XORYA game console is just one chip PIC32MX170F256B (32-bit MIPS core, 256K flash, 64K data mem) in DIP28 package and a few other components
1.2k 81 14 47
Fork of #AMBAP, here I discuss about the physical implementation of the bitslice architecture with russian РЭС15 (see what I did here?)
1.8k 102 2 45
WiFi/BLE --> LoRa bridge
Project Owner Contributor



3.6k 75 3 44
A 2.5mm thick flexible smart watch with e-ink display, BT 4.0, and health sensors.
Project Owner Contributor

Flexible Smartwatch

Nick Ames

4.4k 169 4 43
Isaac Newton was a hacker. Let's take calculus back to its roots and make it accessible to everyone.
Project Owner Contributor

Hacker Calculus

Joan Horvath

1.5k 26 11 43
YG's 16bits Relay Electric Computer, rebooted
Project Owner Contributor


Yann Guidon / YGDES

6.2k 68 4 43
An outside pole mounted aerial picks up RF signals which are then filtered, amplified and re-transmitted through a second inside aerial.
6.6k 37 9 42
ultra thin custom display ... only 6 gpio for 30 leds
6.2k 69 9 42
Fast, Portable and Affordable Oscilloscope and Inductance Meter
Project Owner Contributor



6.6k 76 11 42
Modular ESP8266 Wi-Fi switch to the installation in switch boxes.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular WiFi-Switch


4k 33 9 41
SD card secure RAID USB storage
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Sayer

2.9k 21 18 40
Trying to unify and simplify a minimal architecture for various implementation technologies...
1.7k 107 7 39
Or how to build a HF transceiver and learn along the way!
Project Owner Contributor

PUZZLE: radio building blocks


518 20 3 39
A different kind of computation for Conway's most famous puzzle, borrowing from my algorithmics and computer design experiences
3.1k 170 3 39
A 2 DOF hexapod
Project Owner Contributor

12 Servo Hexapod


2.2k 200 2 39
A low cost hardware dongle for capturing and analyzing Full Speed (12Mbps) traffic using ARM microcontroller
Project Owner Contributor

USB Packet Snooping

K.C. Lee

2.7k 174 5 38
A specification and reference implementation for a modular audio/visual receiver
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Open-Source AV Receiver

Andrew Bolin

1.9k 22 23 38
Ridicule doesn't kill but HV does. I hope to avoid both while using some 1Ж29Б-В and 6Н21Б
Project Owner Contributor

Hot logic

Yann Guidon / YGDES

4k 46 5 38
A simple calendar made with e-ink display and stm32 microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

NekoCal - an E-Ink Calendar

Wenting Z.

1.4k 141 6 36
A Solar powered WiFi development platform, based on STM32 and ESP32, a descendant of the tech behind SunLeaf
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

4.1k 44 0 36
Automated aquarium monitor with Web GUI. daisychain units can control multiple tank all from the one master unit. PI/Arduino/ESP Powered
Project Owner Contributor


Craig Hissett

5.8k 162 11 36
Probability this can work: 98%, working well: 50% A LOT of work, and utterly ridiculous.
1.5k 253 30 36
A cheap, small module that displays two 7-segments digits with simple multiplexing
Project Owner Contributor

4014 LED minimodule

Yann Guidon / YGDES

6.3k 45 4 36
A device that looks like a SciFi device, but it's no fiction. I use it every day to power my circuits, soldering iron and led lamp.
Project Owner Contributor

Portable Laboratory Power Supply


3k 40 13 35
An electrically actuated variable pitch rotor with a wireless interface
4.6k 49 6 35
The world's smallest fully automatic whiskey still built with safety as the foremost consideration.
1.7k 46 13 34
The fast, intuitive and modular way to make awesome portable projects that maximize creativity and sharing
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy Gilbert

4k 38 7 34
A device that monitors the statistics of the magnitude and the 3-D direction of seismic noise might detect earthquakes before they happen.
Project Owner Contributor

Device for Seismic Noise Analysis

michael d.

749 146 2 34
a tiny open hardware flight controller for quadcopters with integrated FrSky compatible receiver
Project Owner Contributor



4.6k 123 7 34
An open, superior, low cost alternative to FDM 3D printing that takes advantage of high res LCD technology and modern curable resins.
2.1k 37 1 34
Ambient/Solar Energy harvesting based nodes that DON'T run on a LiPo battery.
595 18 5 33
This device reduces the amplitude of current peaks when you power many power supplies at the same time
779 9 7 33
Learn about RC networks, charge pumps and more while playing the worst game ever on a 'scope!
Project Owner Contributor


Yann Guidon / YGDES

2.3k 44 1 33
Full featured thermal camera, smaller than a credit card.
Project Owner Contributor

Pocket thermal camera


3.2k 40 8 32
A Fully Open Source SmartPhone Using The C.H.I.P Pro
Project Owner Contributor

C.H.I.P SmartPhone

Ricardo Ferro

2k 95 1 32
This is a KVM switch built from cheap HDMI switch + USB MUX
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost KVM Switch

K.C. Lee

5.6k 49 13 32
A multi-function ESP32 board with Ether (100BASE-TX), CAN-bus, and OLED, and LiPo charger and FTDI
Project Owner Contributor

ESP32 monster board


8.6k 440 4 31
A smart tag to trigger an action on a smartphone each time a physical change is detected (temperature, displacement, click...)
Project Owner Contributor

Triggy - Multi-function Smart Tag


3.3k 31 5 31
Always wanted to have Msps ADCs on a Raspberry ... Let's dig into it.
Project Owner Contributor

20Msps+ ADC RaspberryPi HAT


1.9k 33 4 31
A great attiny85 ultra small development board! +motor/relay PWM driver !!!!, RGB led, Power LED, User/Reset button, I2C smart header
Project Owner Contributor



3.1k 49 9 31
Open Source Avionics for Microlights and other Non-Type-Certified Aircraft
Project Owner Contributor

ModAir - Modular Aviation Instruments


4.3k 419 7 30
Developing hardware to track and assert the air quality in a city based on IOT topology.
Project Owner Contributor

City Air Quality

Radu Motisan

3.3k 24 0 30
ultra thin custom display ... only 11 gpio for 110 leds
1.9k 51 9 30
Control and monitor any lighting setup : a low cost 1-Wire module.
Project Owner Contributor

Low cost Smart Switch

Thomas Flayols

764 96 0 29
Our system focuses on the accumulation of data from the sensor nodes, mounted in open areas, using a Drone and storing it on the cloud.
Project Owner Contributor

Drone Droid


1k 22 0 29
Micro size night lamp, pulse harverster
2k 17 17 29
As modern photography is revolutionized by LEDs, I'm applying my experience in this field to enhance my hobby
Project Owner Contributor

Portable LED Flash

Yann Guidon / YGDES

3.1k 32 6 29
A fully functional, completely open-source, and totally nerdy keychain-sized multi-platform emulation console to build yourself.
3.2k 48 74 29
Open Source Closed Loop Motor Controller
Project Owner Contributor



1.6k 29 3 28
Nordic nRF52832 BLE development board with Temperature/Humidity/Light/Accelerometer sensors.
Project Owner Contributor


Mahesh Venkitachalam

1.5k 174 22 28
An educational system designed to bring AI and complex robotics into the home and school on a budget.
Project Owner Contributor



3k 154 4 28
Affordable, Rugged, Secure and Open Hardware for battery powered connected things with ESP32.
Project Owner Contributor


Sandeep Patil

2.6k 35 10 28
Under served communities can benefit from the exchange of information through local mesh networks to exchange critical notifications
909 14 12 28
Apparently I've acquired a one-of-a-kind logic-analyzer, whose lone system-diskette is in need of backing-up.
2.5k 24 8 28
Inexpensive, Arduino Compatible Low Power Dev Board
Project Owner Contributor

LP Mini - Low Power Dev Board


741 12 0 28
Project where I put logs and other useful informations from past workshops
2.2k 26 3 27
Absolute best watch ever !!!!
Project Owner Contributor

BPW34 solar powered led watch


6.3k 27 2 27
A DIY Dual Mono MC cartridge preamplifier for your record player
Project Owner Contributor

Muffsy MC Head Amp


376 13 2 27
A project I develop with the kids for H1 2017 at CercleJ.
856 22 3 27
Cramming a WS2812 into an arcade button with the help of Pyralux. Will revolutionize graphic design, starting startups and the world.
Project Owner Contributor

Any Colored Button


2.6k 21 10 27
Low cost IDE/PATA disk emulator using a RPi Zero that also brings wireless networking to vintage computers.
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 79 1 27
Advancing DIY Water Purification with Students & Citizen Scientists Around the Globe.
1.2k 56 10 27
A go-kart with an electrical emergency braking system for our disabled son
5k 29 3 27
Small compact 3d printer
1.4k 33 2 26
iDon't as in I don't want my doorbell to ring.
5.6k 48 5 26
An ultra strong and fast servo that is reasonably priced. The goal is to generate 60ft*lbs (11 520oz*in) with 60 rpm no load rpm speed.
Project Owner Contributor

Ultra Servo


510 47 2 26
A modular approach for hifi audio projects powered by the new Teensy 3.6
2.5k 105 0 26
Tools for students, makers, designers and artists to quickly demonstrate interactive concepts.
Project Owner Contributor


Ekawahyu Susilo

2.4k 19 0 26
Supplements old keyboards that lack media keys or to provides a more natural interface.
Project Owner Contributor

HID Multimedia Dial

K.C. Lee

1k 16 0 26
Yes, it is crazy idea but why not? We have oled, epaper and nixie watch but use supercapacitor to power energy hungry led displays ?
3.8k 89 7 26
This project focuses on using building a budget powder bed 3d printer capable of printing bones, and creating the needed ink and powder.
6.2k 319 6 25
RggBer is a FPGA based complete development kit dedicated to embedded vision
4.5k 605 4 25
A Redistribution of Jand's RepRap-XY CoreXY 3D printer, integrating modifications by sdavi and original modifications for improvement
Project Owner Contributor

RepRap-XY Iteration 2

Adam Vadala-Roth

1.5k 141 1 25
An Arduino clone based on a TI's TM4C123G (An ARM M4F running at 80Mhz with USB OTG)
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 67 2 25
A sweet Arduino shield with a ton of cool sensors for physiological parameters such as heart rate and breathing rate
3.9k 20 11 25
An Affordable cloud connected water level measuring station for developing countries.
6.1k 527 5 25
Transforming the humble 150x150x150mm stock print bed of a printrbot simple metal to a whopping 500x500x150mm
Project Owner Contributor

Printrbot 'SuperSize Me" Mod

ken conrad

1k 23 3 25
USB Power Delivery for everyone
Project Owner Contributor

PD Buddy Sink

Clayton G. Hobbs

1.9k 32 0 25
CNC machine and custom made stepper motor controller to manually pick up SMT components and place them on a PCB with microscopic accuracy.
1.8k 121 6 25
A controller for all your IoT needs.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP IoT Controller


1k 19 17 24
A flexible, simple, yet powerful FPGA development board.
Project Owner Contributor

Spartan Mini

Jon Thomasson

2.7k 379 8 24
This project will focus on making current research in field of Visible Light Communication (VLC and LiFi) usable and meaningful for use...
1.9k 25 2 24
An Arduino- based prototyping handheld housed in a GBA case
Project Owner Contributor

GBAA: Game Boy Advance Arduino

Craig Hissett

2.2k 333 2 24
A modular, parametric and extensible Animatronics cad generation framework
Project Owner Contributor

Open Animatronics

Kevin Harrington

2.1k 73 10 24
Open-Source, easy to build IOT Dosimeter with sensors and Internet connectivity to centralise data.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source IOT Platform

Radu Motisan

3.2k 262 4 24
No more restrictions from high level software! Access the lowest level of radio transmission with this programmable USB stick.
Project Owner Contributor

Open narrowband RF transceiver

Samuel Žák

95 49 0 23
Progressively turns your circuit breakers on so they don't trip
Project Owner Contributor

Power On Sequencer bis

Yann Guidon / YGDES

2.2k 21 4 23
Handmade led game console Ultra high quality 64bit graphics :-D
2.4k 35 0 23
Tiny MQTT-interoperable broadcast mesh networking with simple radios
341 53 0 23
Car Security System by Radio Frequency Access
Project Owner Contributor

CSS_RF Access

Edgar Andres Chavez V.

4.1k 256 4 23
Voice Activated, Room Tracking, Catapult Launching, Magazine Reloading, Arduino Licorice Launcher
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Licorice Launcher


1.4k 20 0 23
24 bits, 4kSPS, ADCs 4x AD7770, MCU STM32F427ZI, WIFI ESP8266, USB CP2102N, Accel & hyro LSM6DS3, SD card, Isolated SPI, UART, USB, power
440 176 2 23
This project provides hardware and software to learn/teach electronics and coding
707 6 2 22
Retropie with pi zero in a super famicom/snes cartridge
913 26 0 22
Small, inexpensive, easy to fly, easy to mod, 250mm multipurpose quadcopter.
Project Owner Contributor

Mini-X Quadcopter Drone

ken conrad

10.8k 35 0 22
Simplifying development of low power wireless IoT hardware and software sensor prototypes with a modular sensor architecture
Project Owner Contributor

PURE modules

Pure Engineering

1.7k 61 0 22
Heart Failure is a debilitating condition that most old people encounters. A PoC uses coded signals, Doppler and a sound ML classifier.
1.9k 26 2 21
The essential input you never knew you needed. Sotto is a portable, wearable, more subtle way for you to text and type on the go.
5.1k 494 6 21
Design for compact cluster and case that can be used for housing up to 5x Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 or Odroid XU4 (SoC) computer nodes.
934 322 5 21
4x5 micro display with attiny85
Project Owner Contributor

Standalone LED micromatrix display


547 351 5 21
Six legs, 18 servos, with optional high-flotation mode. My first project that combined robotics and 3D printing.
4.2k 12 3 21
Mobility for families to enable active lifestyles
649 20 7 21
A speech generating device for kids with autism.
Project Owner Contributor


Muriel Green

841 18 6 20
25MHz 1.8-5V SPI EEPROM/Flash Emulator
Project Owner Contributor



1.2k 16 0 20
Voice enabled smart office assistant based on Raspberry-Pi and Amazon Alexa, AWS IoT.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Office Assistant

Mahavir Jain

914 565 5 20
Original design v-tail quadcopter, all pieces 3D printed. 2213 935kv motors running 10.5 inch props with a 4400mah battery.
Project Owner Contributor

Raptor V-Tail Quadcopter Drone

ken conrad

6.4k 25 7 19
You know VFD, but may not know this VFD. It can amplify signal!! Yes, it is a TRIODE!!
742 19 0 19
Fochica, forgotten child in car alert, is a no hassle, low cost and extensible system that helps prevent forgetting children in vehicles
Project Owner Contributor

Fochica - Forgotten Child in Car Alert


2.2k 33 7 19
For those who wonder how safe the air around them is and what can be changed to avoid the negative health effects of polluted air.
Project Owner Contributor

Portable Air Quality Monitor


1.3k 19 7 19
Find your loved ones if you get separated.
Project Owner Contributor

Refugee reuniter


2.6k 107 4 19
This is the professional version of "rDUINOScope" Control Unit
Project Owner Contributor

rDUINOScope Control V1.3

Otto Winter

805 78 7 19
Wrist watch with monochromatic 16X16 LED Matrix inspired by retro LED watches of 70s and 80s.
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Watch


1.1k 19 0 19
An easy-to-use, open source micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community
Project Owner Contributor


Johnny Karamello

1.8k 86 0 19
Internet enabled (IOT) weather station using the GPRS network
1.4k 25 0 19
Autonomous, smart, wifi mesh router which is easy to use by humanitarian NGO first responders during humanitarian or natural disasters.
1.4k 57 4 18
Some code, some chips, some transducers. What can we do with it? H*ck.. err improve it?
2.5k 208 2 17
A modular, distributed processing, unmanned vehicle controller.
649 13 1 17
A Solar powered WiFi development platform, based on STM32 and ESP8285, a descendant of the tech behind SunLeaf
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

1.2k 14 2 17
It's a gadget that detects both the vibration of an earthquake and the tweets next to your location that contain #earthquake references.
Project Owner Contributor

Earthquake validation gadget


2.7k 31 6 17
Ultra low cost DIY IoT Framework. Wireless sensors and RF repeaters for Raspberry Pi. Open Source, plugs with MQTT and OpenHAB2.
Project Owner Contributor

Home Smart Mesh


830 52 6 17
meow! is a IoT Amazon Echo enabled Cat Feeder for tidbits (treats). Best used while you are tired of tickling your Cat(s). Made with ♡.
Project Owner Contributor



826 160 3 17
Earrings, necklace, pendant ...
Project Owner Contributor

Supercapacitor powered LED jewelry


1.7k 19 5 16
Using a laser rangefinder, distance from camera is calculated and display of image is zoomed in or out dependantly
2.5k 8 4 16
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a notifier device
Project Owner Contributor

Crystal Signal Pi

Tobias Kuhn

5.7k 18 6 16
A biodegradable flashlight, build with recycled laptop batteries that you can repair yourself.
Project Owner Contributor


Peter Fröhlich

2.5k 16 5 16
a system to prevent human-elephant conflict by detecting elephants using machine vision, and warning humans and/or repelling elephants
Project Owner Contributor

Elephant AI

Neil K. Sheridan

171 12 0 16
An educational system designed to bring AI and complex robotics into the home and school on a budget.
Project Owner Contributor

Origaime (Cardware-bis)


1.1k 12 5 16
A stack of standalone units that can display all combinations of 4 (2x2) pixels.
Project Owner Contributor

Paper Pixel Display Array


389 191 0 16
Teaching a lucky cat (maneki-neko 招き猫) to point at the International Space Station!
1k 14 2 15
Handmade retro taking calculator with QDSP6064 bubble display
190 10 8 15
Simple breadboard-friendly computer on Intel 8085
Project Owner Contributor



2.9k 538 0 15
Basic interpreter for the ESP8266 wifi SOC
3.6k 12 2 15
An open source Class-A valve preamplifier and regulated PSU, complete with Eagle project files and detailed Bill of Materials
1.2k 12 0 15
My favorite programming language is solder -- Bob Pease
Project Owner Contributor

Github Connected Soldering Iron


1.1k 24 12 15
Electronic band-aid for monitoring fever and dispensing an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug
Project Owner Contributor


M. Bindhammer

502 17 0 15
Solar-powered, weatherproof, internet-connected kit for collecting environmental data!
Project Owner Contributor


ACROBOTIC Industries

1.1k 286 0 14
A Sinus (0-40MHz) generator controlable via WLAN, using AD9850 and ESP8266.
Project Owner Contributor

WLAN Sinus Generator

Jan B.

3.8k 356 0 14
4 Digit Nixie Clock driven by Raspberry Pi Zero and Arduinix board.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Zero Nixie Clock

Maksim Surguy

325 102 1 14
My project is aimed at people who have been affected with ALS and have lost the ability to speak and give them that power back.
518 11 6 14
retro LED clock
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 14 17 14
Putting WiFi into condoms to revolutionize our sex lives
Project Owner Contributor

Internet of Condoms


1k 48 0 14
Early warning system which acts as a cataclysm detector that combines an environmental monitor with a mesh network
Project Owner Contributor



2.8k 353 2 14
Hardware USB Password Manager
Project Owner Contributor

Password Vault


728 11 3 14
Open source pocket size music synthesizer
Project Owner Contributor

Wee Noise Maker


2.1k 354 0 14
Improving farming efficiency and sustainability with a scalable high performance indoor farming ecosystem
Project Owner Contributor

MCX Food Computer

Yusuf Khan

4.6k 26 18 14
No more boring and endless cable-cutting-sessions.
Project Owner Contributor


Kirschner Christoph

588 22 6 13
A protesting robot that you can control from anywhere.
588 9 0 13
A module EHX Big Muff Pi clone PCB, the PCB can be populated with any version of the transistor Muff circuit
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

1.3k 8 0 13
Reliably increase your quadrature-encoder's resolution using an ADC (or a bunch of comparators?)
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 73 0 13
Building an Autonomous Sailboat That Pursues to Cross the Atlantic Ocean
Project Owner Contributor


Andy Osusky

634 160 0 13
An preamp for electric instruments, based on an Opamp. (pronounced Micro-Pre)
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

201 4 2 13
At the opposite site of the spectrum, this project is incredibly smaller and faster than the relay implementation of YGREC.
Project Owner Contributor


Yann Guidon / YGDES

747 92 2 12
4+ custom bands multispectral camera based on RasPi 3 and raspi camera multiplexer with geotagging and environmental montoring capabilities
678 17 7 12
This cell balancer will transfer electrical charges from a strong cell to a weak cell. Ideal for electric vehicles.
424 68 6 12
Modern security and cryptography call for a source of true-random numbers. This design creates them from thermal noise in a resistor.
Project Owner Contributor

True-Random Number Generator

Tom Anderson

352 11 2 12
312 88 1 12
Robotic hand for aerial grasping. Low cost, super quick, extremely light!
Project Owner Contributor

Eagle Grip

Zak Fitzgerald

832 91 8 12
To solve the age-old first-world-problem of having too many automatic mechanical watches, configurable from a smartphone!
Project Owner Contributor

IoT Mechanical Watch Winder


684 16 0 12
Firmware version specially for The 1kB Challenge
346 12 0 12
Retrofit lifetime enhancement for millions of solar lead-acid batteries in global south countries with cheap IUT-enabled hybrid chargers
326 5 0 12
Watch have accelerometer to activate display when you rise hand
Project Owner Contributor

Motion activated LED watch


226 8 0 11
Open source, low cost home Braille embosser
Project Owner Contributor

Braille Printer

haydn jones

167 104 0 11
Low cost Stephen Hawking ACAT like tool for Android Devices
Project Owner Contributor


Jacob Christ

851 11 0 11
A lovely virtual assistant for OS X, Windows and Linux systems.
Project Owner Contributor


Tanay Pant

206 10 5 11
My goal is a 4-bit CPU using recycled cardboard substrate and Diode Transistor Logic. This will develop into an educational platform.
351 135 0 11
255 sounds wav pcm FX sound player
Project Owner Contributor

Talking robot


729 108 0 11
GPSDTx is a board capable of transmitting a signal up to a few MHz (1-3?) wide anywhere between 100MHz and 2.2GHz
372 12 2 11
Just a page to document any gameboy related projects or hacks I do
Project Owner Contributor

Gameboy Projects

Adam Vadala-Roth

1.5k 39 0 11
Internet of Plants is essentially a mesh-network of plant master and slave controllers for better & less plant care with affordable pricing
Project Owner Contributor

Internet of Plants (IoP)

Bilal Mahmoud

287 120 0 11
Modular water rocket, with pressure gauge, gyro, thrust control and everything else a modern space program needs.
Project Owner Contributor

Backyard Space Program

haydn jones

341 89 1 11
Who doesn't like bubbles, now you can control your own bubble machine from anywhere!
Project Owner Contributor

IoT Bubbles


498 10 1 11
A pair of solar lithium battery chargers called Solare
2.1k 100 1 11
Challenging myself to be healthier! Having fun while I'm at it!
210 7 0 11
Tabletop 2.0: multimedia touch board to play table top games
Project Owner Contributor

BoardGame Console


282 37 2 11
pimp up grandma's clock with Nixie tubes
Project Owner Contributor

antique Nixie clock

Frank Buss

638 12 0 11
Nema17 Stepper motor 3D printed Linear Actuator (250mm+ stroke 2Kg+ dead weight lift) with Ramps driver & ESP32/ESP8266 WebGui.
788 44 13 11
We have 4 Resistors, 4 Capacitors and 1 FPGA to make RADIO Receiver.
Project Owner Contributor

4R4C - FPGA Radio Challenge

Antti Lukats

219 7 0 11
because the v1 never made out of a vero board, starting part 2 of
Project Owner Contributor

Engineers Multi Tool Part Deux


168 4 5 10
what it says it is
Project Owner Contributor

Hack The Planet

Adam Vadala-Roth

1.1k 140 3 10
Project include design of microprocessor, assembly language and compiler.
Project Owner Contributor

ARISC 32-bit microprocessor


458 11 1 10
Simple flash disc business card or keychain, File system is stored in internal MCU flash. Minimum components.
331 43 0 10
A mini shield-like add-on for the Arduino Mega designed to add wifi/Bluetooth connectivity and more alongside the standard Uno-sized shield.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Mega Expansion board

Craig Hissett

189 7 2 10
Smart sprinkler on a Pan/Tilt mount to programmatically water the lawn with a fill pattern
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

613 116 17 10
A Reworking of my Pi Video Player for a static installation
996 114 4 10
Possessing both the mysterious old, and the pinnacle of cutting edge, Prometheus is the ultimate alarm clock!
Project Owner Contributor

Prometheus Alarm Clock

Andrew Lee

392 7 2 10
A small, easy to assemble board that makes use of old wall warts.
Project Owner Contributor



284 15 0 10
A Dual Mini Speaker Dip for the C.H.I.P Pro
Project Owner Contributor

C.H.I.P Pro BoomBox Dip

Ricardo Ferro

374 98 0 10
Development of automation system and monitoring of sowing of mushrooms with a microcontroller ARM and connectivity GPRS/GSM to send the data
361 11 0 10
The telescope can be controlled and viewed by anyone using just the internet as a resource.
Project Owner Contributor

Space Observatory System


598 10 2 10
A shield for Adafruit Feather boards with buttons and a LED matrix display, for simple games.
Project Owner Contributor

PewPew FeatherWing

Radomir Dopieralski

735 125 5 10
Cube shaped objects that will attach to each other and move each other which will result in a low resolution programmable matter (LRPM).
592 58 3 10
Let's inspire the next generation with exciting and educational kits that anyone can build. Want to create your own theremin?
825 20 2 10
Anna2 is a general purpose agricultural robot with an advanced vision system, OpenCV and deep neural network models.
Project Owner Contributor

Anna2 aka A2 the agbot!


1.5k 94 0 10
Philips Hue is nice but expensive... now there is a cheaper way.
1.9k 18 2 10
To capture the image and breed of the animal using OpenCV and Node-RED Watson Visual Recognition
Project Owner Contributor

Wild Eye

Brenda Armour

595 47 2 10
Not just any Led matrix you've seen... You can play Retro Games like Pong from anywhere in the world with your phone.
Project Owner Contributor

Web Enabled Led Matrix


641 14 1 10
Your personal Arduino/Teensy/Raspberry PI online laboratory. Learn, test, build, and analyze like an engineer, enjoy it like an hacker.
826 14 0 9
capable of supplying up to 10A at up to 24V or 5A on each channel
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Lab Power Supply


285 14 0 9
Solar Power to low consumption devices
Project Owner Contributor

Solar UPS Power Supply

Gabor Futo

1.7k 4 0 9
NES Zapper Controlled drum sequencer
Project Owner Contributor

Zappotron Super-Sequencer

Russell Kramer

331 81 4 9
An Arduino based pocket-sized bluetooth controller for your electric longboard (or else)
677 13 0 9
Picked up an STM32F103 micro, an ILI9341 and a ELM327 OBD BT dongle clone and off it goes!!!
Project Owner Contributor

OBD2 Fuel Consumption Gauge

Rui Rex

227 7 2 9
Simple SPI flash adapter / breakout in Micro SD shape
Project Owner Contributor

SPI flash to Micro Sd adapter


322 80 1 9
Integrated AHRS and sensing platform for gliders and GA aircraft with Bluetooth interface
Project Owner Contributor

AHRS platform for gliders

Marian Keller

205 22 2 9
A $10 Wi-Fi kit for getting started in electronics Great for workshops or classrooms!
Project Owner Contributor

Ultra Low Cost Electronics Kit

Lim Han Yang

547 31 5 9
On its fourth revision, designed for heavy-duty use machining aluminum and possibly steel
Project Owner Contributor

Serious desktop CNC mill


169 10 6 9
A Beagle Bone the size of a Pi Zero
Project Owner Contributor

Beagle Bone Zero

Ricardo Ferro

578 46 5 9
Using a Raspberry-based hardware and software development kit to understand ultrasound imaging
Project Owner Contributor

A HSDK for ultrasound imaging


1.5k 10 0 9
Stephen Hawking's voice emulator was used to read a local weather station database with genuine ai emotional responses.
2.1k 39 8 9
The world's smallest and simplest theremin
Project Owner Contributor

Minimin Mk1


301 9 0 9
Touch watch, super - slim, discrete led display
2.4k 12 7 9
A keyboard with double action functionality, designed to make typing easier.
Project Owner Contributor

Double Action Keyboard

Jaakob Lidauer

446 6 6 9
Blinky, a robot, lives with you, feeds itself and will--when asked--report that you have been seen moving around.
Project Owner Contributor

Blinky, the Companion Robot

Mike Rigsby

446 3 0 9
"Streaming an impulsive build to Twitch" experiment, or a Zero W webcam
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 63 2 9
Robotic platform that doesn't need a computer/programmer/compiler. Just move it how you want it to move and it will copy those moves
Project Owner Contributor



624 13 0 9
A lightweight and simple devboard for ESP8266-12 with 2.54mm breadboard pinout and works with 1V-5.5V batteries
Project Owner Contributor

Homefixer ESP8266 devboard

Johan Westlund

819 10 4 8
An autonomous roving CNC weeding/cultivating machine guided by GPS and coloured markers.
Project Owner Contributor



1.1k 7 2 8
The powersolution for your trip to the wilderness!!
431 8 6 8
This is a special glass for blind people which detects the obstacle and give them a beep warning while they are on the way/anywhere.
Project Owner Contributor

Blind's Eye Gear


1k 172 0 8
A tank controlled by bluetooth capable of shooting ferromagnetic projectiles
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Control Coil Gun Tank

Ramón Calvo

738 9 0 8
The smallest BADUSB in the World
Project Owner Contributor



224 3 0 8
Activate your community with a new game that alters reality.
Project Owner Contributor

Alternate Reality Game Platform


938 93 1 8
Inspired by the well-known NASA countdown clock, we are designing a compact desktop version to track rocket launches.
725 8 0 8
Creating a custom 7 segment display that can be driven with Arduino opens up some new possibilities.
493 100 1 8
Networked energy-metering nodes (at 10A 85-265VAC) nodes for home and building automation. And smart capacitive light switches, too!
677 10 0 8
A camera and Computer Vision to capture wildlife and pipe the data feed to a variety of endpoints including a dashboard and databases.
Project Owner Contributor

Project Crow

Brenda Armour

585 8 2 8
Next member of Picoduino family ...
905 58 0 8
DABDUINO is DAB/DAB+/FM Arduino shield with 32-bit, 384kHz PCM DAC (cinch) + SPDIF/Toslink optical digital audio output
168 10 1 8
Using cheap components and a bit of 3D printing create a digital hydrometer for tracking specific gravity and temp of fermenting beer
Project Owner Contributor

Wifi Digital Hydrometer

Joseph Broderick

174 7 0 8
Proportional Persistence Of Vision
Project Owner Contributor



1.2k 9 0 8
Automatic CMV
Project Owner Contributor

Uncontrolled Mechanical Ventilation


526 62 0 8
Send a camera equipped robot in a small parcel to mission targets around planet earth
317 6 0 8
project based on STM32L476RG
1.2k 479 3 7
Reducing the complex nature of more mature automation and IoT frameworks by way of limiting components and scope.
Project Owner Contributor

Lightweight Personal IoT Framework


339 7 5 7
A simple concept to localize a robot within some few meters with help of some external references (mirror)
507 1 0 7
Super simple Arduino based controller that produces keyboard inputs based on arm position.
Project Owner Contributor

Wearable spellcasting controller


511 10 0 7
Detect and locate the magnitude and origin of tremors to support emergency respons teams
Project Owner Contributor



579 65 2 7
Simplify the way of documenting projects in software and hardware, based on Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module
417 6 0 7
Demonstrator of a Raspberry Pi based rover using the Robot Operating System (ROS) framework
103 5 13 7
exploring the different means of providing thrust
Project Owner Contributor

Unconventional propulsion

K.C. Lee

388 8 2 7
Detecting and classifying dog barks and activities with AI precision.
Project Owner Contributor

The Barkenator 9000


173 7 0 7
simple small USB board with RGB led
Project Owner Contributor

Simple PIC16F1455 usb key


403 344 0 7
A loving family robot dog
Project Owner Contributor

Bit the RoboDawg

Orlando Hoilett

473 6 2 7
Temperature&Humidty sensor WiFi on battery less than 10$
Project Owner Contributor



264 4 0 7
Arduino controlled fish tank, Lights, and circulation pump
Project Owner Contributor

Smart fish tank


1.3k 78 0 7
A small Python framework for the tinkerer to make distributed automation as simple as possible
232 64 1 7
Like a nerd bug zapper, the Meowchware Arc Choker is both attractive and dangerous.
Project Owner Contributor

Meowchware: Dangerous Wearables

ken conrad

245 4 2 7
Reconfigurable electronics -- easy to use for Arduino, Raspberry & Co. with a preprogrammed FPGA board.
496 14 0 6
Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder
Project Owner Contributor



175 21 1 6
Zx spectrum like notebook with 5" display
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry pi notebook


335 10 0 6
Flight time and versatility will be vastly extended using both multirotor and flying wing technologies.
Project Owner Contributor

'Bird of Prey' VTOL UAV drone

ken conrad

595 117 5 6
"Otto DIY with steroids" + Bluetooth + APP + switch + sensors + strength +...
Project Owner Contributor

Otto DIY+

Camilo Parra Palacio

102 7 1 6
A wind-up device to replace primary cell batteries
Project Owner Contributor

Wind up battery


1.4k 10 0 6
This was a technical thesis project designed to allow a user to get a print out of the current weather and the word of the day via Wi-Fi.
227 2 2 6
Ever want to punch a mario block and get a mushroom to come out? Me too, so I'm building it.
188 3 0 6
A tiny controller for the rhythm game kShootmania made using PCBmodE.
Project Owner Contributor

TokiLabs Note


145 2 3 6
ping, pong, ping, pong, ...
Project Owner Contributor

Ping Pong Pi

Tobias Kuhn

171 2 0 6
A simple wet nappy sensing solution
Project Owner Contributor

Anhad's Nappy

Inderpreet Singh

884 21 0 6
A wearable device entitled "Collar AG" that giving a unique experience of spatial intervention to the visitors.
Project Owner Contributor


James Kong

197 63 0 6
Particle Photon + PIR Motion Sensor + Temperature Sensor = Enhanced IOT Light Switch
Project Owner Contributor

Enhanced IOT Light Switch

Eric Moyer

203 32 11 6
Xorya Touch PCB is even cheaper implementation of Xorya game console on PIC32
Project Owner Contributor

Xorya Touch


658 46 0 6
Virtual Reality, Kalman Filter, and Inverse Dynamics Control
81 93 0 6
Ternary computer "3niti alpha" that I started to design in 2004
Project Owner Contributor

3niti alpha


186 11 0 6
Simplifying the construction of a gas laser by switching to a "tube" that's easier to build.
Project Owner Contributor

CO2 Slab Laser

Mateus Silva

116 45 0 6
209 6 0 5
Small yet powerful Driver stage for BLDC Motors
Project Owner Contributor

30A BLDC Driver

Antti Lukats

585 72 2 5
Measure Calories Leaving The Body
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Bowel Gauge


360 85 1 5
This project is design to help to start with ROS (Robot Operating System) on a low cost platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Grob: a low cost ROS robot

David Galdeano

250 8 2 5
Earth friendly smartphone that you can upgrade or change a broken part without buying a new smartphone, minimizing waste.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular private smartphone


548 93 0 5
Assemble and Program Kuman Wi-Fi Robot with Camera and Manipulator
520 9 0 5
Here we present an affordable and smart 360 Degree LIDAR Scanner for researcher, ROS beginner and college students.
381 120 0 5
Winxi board in Mini Pcie shape
741 43 0 5
IoT Urban Flood Management, Safety And Early Warning System
Project Owner Contributor


Andrea Giudici

153 44 0 5
Simple nixie clock
Project Owner Contributor

Single board nixie clock


135 6 6 5
In this instructional, we will utilize an IR Motion Sensor to recognize development and turn on a 120V light utilizing the hand-off module
Project Owner Contributor

PIR controlled Relay

Tejas Lotlikar

234 4 0 5
Idea: How to Print to Parallel Printer on ARM Linux from Dosbox. I tried to use an old Industry Machine with OPi embedded Par&Serial Ports
Project Owner Contributor

Dosbox ARM Parport


226 7 0 5
To get the true Pi zero experience in your pocket, we are gonna need some buttons!!
Project Owner Contributor

Pi0CKET - Clicker


1.3k 98 3 5
A DIY polishing station to smoothen 3d-printed parts built using Arduino and portable humidifier.
1.1k 8 0 5
ESPMetric is a matrix LEDs screen driven by an ESP8266 with Arduino. It can be use for smarthome domain or others.
Project Owner Contributor



234 64 0 5
Use any Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) device to control this agile little Quadcopter.
1.5k 6 0 5
Electronic animal repeller for keeping them safe.
Project Owner Contributor

DEER - electronic repeller

Ondřej Petrlík

294 4 0 5
An open-source recipe guide
Project Owner Contributor


Chuma A

104 7 4 5
A compact device for at risk people to contact emergency services or otherwise discretely request help.
Project Owner Contributor

Personal Emergency Beacon

haydn jones

416 5 1 5
OpenTrap is intended as a tool to aid those working to help animals while controlling the stray/feral animal population.
Project Owner Contributor

OpenTrap Smart Animal Trap


567 11 3 5
An Arduino video display shield with integrated framebuffer and analog video output.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Video Display Shield


264 86 0 5
I'm making a Nixie Tube HAT for Pi Zero and Pi Zero W
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Nixie Tube HAT

Maksim Surguy

72 2 0 5
Wireless activism and propaganda over distributed wireless networks
Project Owner Contributor

Radio Revolution


358 8 0 5
Microwave mod: High efficiency still for ethanol, h2o, etc. Also melts metal, hosts supercritical microwave reactions, etc.
Project Owner Contributor

Microwave Distiller / Reactor


345 21 0 5
Forth language and environment for Mickey Board, a custom BLE keyboard PCBA based on nRF51822.
594 42 4 5
Mainboard that retro fits a Nokia 3210 mobile phone. It packs a i.MX7 dual core ARM, 2GB RAM, OLED Display, WiFi and Bluetooth
Project Owner Contributor

Nokia 3210 Retro Fit Board


448 91 0 5
Monitor your aquarium through network
Project Owner Contributor

IoT Aquarium

Michal Horvath

576 44 2 5
A host of IoT devices aimed at helping administer light therapy treatment to Alzheimer's patients (based on MIT study)
164 3 3 5
Reverse engineering the Hosiden HLM8218 Display from an old photocopier
Project Owner Contributor

Reusing a controllerless LCD Display


118 95 2 5
A way to make all your DIY projects more smarter and better.
Project Owner Contributor

(ARIoT) an IoT Based Smart AI


101 5 0 5
A smart glasses device that allows people who can't speak the ability to talk using switch scanning
287 79 0 5
The robot navigates indoor, in a pre-defined path, with high accuracy, and allows its real-time tracking on a phone. No GPS, No WiFi, No Map
900 81 0 5
A simple and tough cnc frame made from low cost hardware store parts and affordable electronics
Project Owner Contributor

The Peoples CNC Frame


335 84 0 5
A small programmer for almost all AVR 8-bit devices
Project Owner Contributor

TinyISP AVR Programmer


168 5 0 4
Ideas about using single throw relays for computing, and working prototype circuits.
Project Owner Contributor

Single throw relay computing


172 141 0 4
Use GPG, a Raspberry Pi and a ESP8266 to safely store your passwords - soon with GnuPG Smart Card support
103 4 0 4
For those that have trouble hearing, play video games with vibrations instead of sound!
1k 51 0 4
DIY DLP 3D Printer based on NanoDLP Software using Raspberry Pi 3 and Trinamic Motor Controller
Project Owner Contributor

ADAM DLP 3D Printer


730 6 3 4
Parral Dev Board open source simple easy Prototyping platform
Project Owner Contributor

Parral Dev Board

Daniel Garcia

504 6 0 4
A braille keyboard accessory for a smartphone for training, and typing in braille
Project Owner Contributor

Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad


696 2 2 4
Soothing Silent Scentless Relief
108 2 0 4
Force sensor that measures forces in X, Y and Z direction.
412 2 0 4
This is a wireless touch interface that costs $50 make. The interface is also modular which means it can be expanded or shrunk.
163 3 0 4
This devices tracks your head in video games, wirelessly and in 9 DOF. And it could be used in standalone projects.
Project Owner Contributor

Gamer HeadTracker

Arcadia Labs

283 7 0 4
VPlugN is the VPN device that makes protecting your privacy easy for anyone. Just plug it in!
Project Owner Contributor



331 4 2 4
Arduino-based gag thing, when you point it at someone, it makes noise and flashes some LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor

DumDum Detector

ken conrad

114 2 2 4
Make your clipboard in the air.
Project Owner Contributor


Nait Malek Youssef

984 9 0 4
A Raspberry Pi thermostat for my heat pump, with presence detection
Project Owner Contributor


Nelson Butterworth

469 3 0 4
Light Notification for the Physical World
Project Owner Contributor


Akshat Wahi

138 1 0 4
Helps you to document hardware prototyping sessions and identify electronic components without distracting you from the task at hand.
Project Owner Contributor



117 2 0 4
Language learning device for blind people
130 2 0 4
Radsense allows for the affordable rapid collection of radiological data from a potential disaster area, to facilitate emergency response
Project Owner Contributor

RadSense: Making Nuclear Safer


307 34 0 3
The project will be used to detect seizure via neurowaves and alert help
203 23 0 3
A battery powered Raspberry Pi3 with 7 USB ports, 6 holders for 18650 batteries and some useful accessories
Project Owner Contributor

BeeStalker UsbLog


155 1 0 3
Monitors the humidity inside a guitar case to prevent cracking or damage to acoustic guitar bodies.
Project Owner Contributor

Acoustic Guitar Hygrometer

Caleb Hanneman

93 2 0 3
A Cartesian box with CNC mill, router, engraver, laser and extruder. Integrated as a tool changing interface. Did I mention the lathe and scanners
489 76 0 3
A Hardware Implementation of a Experimental Device for Research on Interactive Telepresence and Collaboration Tools based on JanusVR Portals
194 9 0 3
Extensible Modbus based brewing control system
Project Owner Contributor

BrewBus - Modbus based brewing


680 134 3 3
Educators can use Raspberry Pi, Arduino, & science toys to teach STEAM (science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
53 1 0 3
The Time On Your Hands clock “tells” the current time through American Sign Language by articulating a manikin hand
Project Owner Contributor

Time On Your Hands


179 2 0 3
GSM + Camera pack pcb add on for the Pocket C.H.I.P to make it a functional phone.
Project Owner Contributor

Pocket C.H.I.P Phone

Ricardo Ferro

396 19 0 3
ESP32 with I2S DAC and I2S MEMS microphone! All you will need for audio development is inside board!
Project Owner Contributor

ESP32 Audio Developing Board typeR


159 4 0 3
Track how ultrasounds track you. Then fight back your privacy with ultrasounds.
Project Owner Contributor



91 3 0 3
Spreading energy throughout the day while I am away.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Soil Steward

Bobby Richards

535 4 1 3
Another interactive device for action figures
358 145 0 3
This pad let you assemble buttons, display, audio and raspberry to play with everywhere.
112 1 0 3
An DIY open educational low-cost mobile ROS robot based on Android and Arduino, integrated in the cloud (iot)
Project Owner Contributor

Andruino R2

Paco López

169 4 0 3
Implement a PM 2.5 sensor with Internet and Twitter connectivity to track air quality with a low cost device.
Project Owner Contributor

Low cost Air Quality sensor

328 6 0 3
Take some off the shelf parts, some miscellaneous materials, and a couple of dead laptops and make a flight simulator
Project Owner Contributor

Your Personal Flight Simulator


54 2 0 3
A device to help visually impaired people in detecting electric and hybrid vehicles
Project Owner Contributor


J Martin

260 7 0 3
DIY Optical Power Meter with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver) and DDM (Digital diagnostics monitoring ) protocol
425 6 0 3
ProBe is a wireless sensor system that aims to detect food spoilage.
Project Owner Contributor



165 2 4 3
The weather tracking time-lapse camera and weather station.
Project Owner Contributor


John Leeman

153 9 0 3
Monitoring and controlling a dehumidifer in my detached brick-built garage
Project Owner Contributor

Dehumidifier automator


75 3 0 3
AEC GUITAR means an Acoustic To An Electric Conversion. Mine has a killswitch/punch button for piezo pickup and effects loop and is grounded
Project Owner Contributor


Ember Leona

61 52 0 3
Air resevoir release mechanism to enhance realism in VR and AR applications.
Project Owner Contributor

Z balloonValve bitsfit

Ember Leona

290 1 0 3
A tactile didactic tool based on vibration for children with combined hearing and vision loss
Project Owner Contributor



55 2 0 3
RIFD access control for SoHo
Project Owner Contributor

Raspid HAT

Sam Thompson

226 1 0 3
A perpetually running wireless sensor mote.
Project Owner Contributor

Open SolarMote


381 3 0 3
Learn to fly your Quadcopter with TI C2000 Microcontroller
Project Owner Contributor

TI F28377S Quadcopter Boosterpack

Ben P.

106 2 0 3
Use your head to control your computer mouse! Designed for the disabled and the Lazy.
Project Owner Contributor

Head Mouse


393 49 4 3
A wearable IoT development board based on the ESP8266 and ESP32 for human body sensing and Cloud applications
75 2 1 3
Cheap hardware for shared internet access and Tor relay everywhere.
Project Owner Contributor



57 0 0 3
This project adds input to humans through sensors, wireless communication, and haptic feedback
Project Owner Contributor

Canary: extra sensory input

Sam Hetchler

151 3 0 3
Short range laser distance/proximity sensor
Project Owner Contributor

Laser proximity/distance sensor


353 5 0 2
A set of senors and actuators that make composting simple.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Composting System

Darian Johnson

192 3 4 2
With this companion your mouse will be able to perform fine and precise movement in drawing applications
Project Owner Contributor

Mouse Aid


154 0 0 2
Detecting and Displaying Emotion using a a wrist worn device.
Project Owner Contributor


Tom Meehan

150 1 0 2
An Arduino like, powered with Atmel Cortex-M7 microcontroller
Project Owner Contributor



211 4 0 2
This a mini CNC 2D plotter made from old DVD drive and L293D motor shield very cheap but intresting
91 111 0 2
Hardware Integrated Decryption Encryption (HIDE) is a tool that provides complete end to end security for chat clients and voice calls
Project Owner Contributor


Mick Oldfield

410 8 0 2
A system that detects and avoids objects with ultrasonic sensors
168 43 0 2
Bridge between MQTT and every other protocol in the house.
166 4 0 2
I’ve smashed my game unit in an epic tear-down and transformed it into a miniature 3D printer for under $75.00 USD
484 3 0 2
This is ongoing project of the measuring station for RC car
Project Owner Contributor

RC - based measuring station


62 1 0 2
2 wheeled rc robot with style! This IS the droid you are looking for.
Project Owner Contributor

rz7 Roller Droid


171 0 0 2
Using inexpensive hardware, create a means of data transfer between machines that can also be accessed by minimally-equipped human beings.
Project Owner Contributor



97 54 0 2
Using Arduino, modern sensors and hobby rockets to study air pollution.
146 3 0 2
A simple and affordable open source tool to remind patients to take their medicines and track their daily dosage of medicines.
Project Owner Contributor



261 2 1 2
The device that helps people stay motivated and monitor their progress to the proficiency by tracking time spent studying/working on a goal
Project Owner Contributor

10000 Hours


339 2 0 2
Simulating the functionality of memristors using off-the-shelf parts to form a neural network crossbar array
603 4 0 2
AutoBlock is IoT product that pairs with an app to block robocalls on all your calling devices.
Project Owner Contributor



171 1 0 2
IoT Info hub displays current/forecast weather, waste collection calendar, links in garage door control, hot tub temp, currency state etc.
Project Owner Contributor

WIoT-2 Station


517 4 2 2
In this project, I tried to hack into my sitting pattern and make the table area smarter itself.
Project Owner Contributor



757 4 0 2
This project was based upon Spacehuhn' WiFi Deauther, but includes loads more features along with a Material Design interface
Project Owner Contributor


Sam Denty

75 13 0 2
a bot that fit on your palm
Project Owner Contributor



129 2 0 1
How to build a simple application that detects motion and sends notification to the your smart phone using raspberry pi and camera Module.
1 0 1
Let the world know when you aren’t available….emotionally. A wall-mounted clock connecting to biosensors and your calendar.
63 5 2 1
A serial dongle to act as a key to your project
Project Owner Contributor

AES/SHA1 Serial dongle


202 66 0 1
A super compact IOT button the size of your thumb with built in battery and bluetooth low energy using the Light Blue Bean
178 26 0 1
This is about a sensor for pot plants that measures soil moisture, temperature and sunlight and sends a report to your smartphone via WiFi
96 64 0 1
Programmable in C Hardware for high performance motor control applications
Project Owner Contributor

Power Drive

Antti Lukats

276 190 0 1
Easily synchronize devices using AutoIt and remote control or IM software
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Super-easy IoT with AutoIt

Matheus Carvalho

193 62 0 1 In this tutorial I will show you how to convert ...
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ESP8266 WIFI Remote Relay Switch


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AR/VR sensor and AI-Based roBot for Intuitive Exploration
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Automate the button-pressing activity on a 433.92Mhz Gate remote controller, for the purpose of tests and measurement
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Re-examining ubiquitous technology through open design with novel, integrated visual documentation.
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Open PIP | ParaDocs


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A robotic lamp for makers or designers to automatically take pictures of every crucial step and upload to personal documentation database.
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Documentation Assistant Lamp

Kevin Cheng

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z80 SBC with inline assembler and disassembler. This an operating system with assembler, disassembler and other basic functions.
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A system to transfer files from an airgapped PC to an non-airgapped PC by dumping files from SD card to serial port back to another SD card.
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SD Card Data Diode System


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DIY 2020 builds. Undecided on exact frame type to go with so playing right now and waiting.
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DIY 3d Printer V slot Guide builds


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A sensory augmentation device for the vestibular-ly impaired.
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Garrett Goss

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Select a Jam to Clean That Ham
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Arduino Beatdet Bidet


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ESP8266 controlled 3 channel grow light. The red, white, and blue colors can be controlled for optimized growth or scientific testing.
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A compact, battery powered IOT multi sensor module with wifi & MQTT support. Feat. temperature, humiditity, lux, air pressure, PIR & more
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Mezzo allows your guests to understand which listening/seeing systems are in use in your house and opt-out if desired
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Mezzo - informed consent for IoT


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Vision technology for the blind through ultrasonic data to notify them of any threats or obstacles by using a binaural soundscape system.
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Designing a low cost electronic load for testing power supplies, batteries, and other devices.
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Low Cost Electronic Load

Joey Casabar

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A simple visual display of live solar power generation data from on a RGB LED dial
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Wifi live solar power display


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