MY little 26cc engine has been sitting on a shelf for a while now. I decided to modify the carburetor to run on propane. In my journey to convert it i have been waiting on a good buy on a junk camp stove i can salvage the propane controls out of. Since i already had the fuel system setup to pump in a gas instead of liquid i thought it would be fun to make it run on water.
Run on water? Yes! I researched this a while back and learned you can use water and electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This makes what is called HHO gas. Hydrogen burns faster than gas or propane and is all around super flammable. Since you get oxygen in the reaction it makes the hydrogen burn even more violently and will travel up fuel lines.
The fail comes when i don't add flashback protection to the line going to the fuel tank (balloon). Not really knowing the exact name i say i need a "safety preventer" in the video. Now that i think harder about it i need a preventer for safety. A safety preventer would make things more dangerous haha.
I will continue to convert this little engine to propane but if were to keep it on HHO i would need to made some additions.

-- Flashback prevention.
The easiest way to fix this problem is to remove all open space possible in the fueling system with water. This will only keep a very small amount of gas outside of the motor in a vented container. If the system backfires it will be very small.

-- Cooling system.
The water mixture in the cells gets warm while the reaction process is running. Using an external tank and/or radiator can increase water storage and keep the system full eliminating hydrogen bubbles in the fueling system.

-- Charging system.
HHO generation takes a lot of power to make. Using a small generator on the engine would help keep the battery charged longer but i think the battery will still need charging between short uses. A mixture of a generator and a solar panel may help produce a longer run time.

-- Dual fuel setup.
A quick change fitting and some way to adjust ignition timing a few degrees with the flip of a switch would be perfect for a dual fuel setup.

The alternative fuels part of this project is complete but i think i will abusing this little engine for a while. Check out my videos on YouTube and subscribe, comment, and give me a thumbs up!

Video playlist here : 26cc engine playlist Enjoy!