A 2-joystick controller for driving 4 motors, especially in Fischertechnik models

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FTController is a 2-joystick analog controller designed to drive 4 motors with max 1.5A .
Its based around an arduino compatible platform and uses MOSFETs to achieve minimal voltage losses.

Disclaimer: Im not associated in any way with the fischertechnik GmbH. All product and company names are trademarks of their respective holders.


  • Two analog joysticks with button
  • 4 H-Bridge analog outputs (8-bit) and a open collector output
  • Overload and Voltage reversal protection
  • 7 - 16V Voltage input
  • Ability to monitor input voltage and motor current, additionally MCU voltage
  • Based around a Mega328P, compatible with Arduino
  • Opto-isolated input for measurement of low frequency motor speeds or times.
  • 2x8 digit LCD, for status display and configuration
  • RF-Interface with NRF24L01+ for remote controlling of another interface.

See the gallery for some pictures of the PCB rendered in KiCAD.

  • 1 × ATMega328P-AU Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 2 × Analog Joysticks
  • 1 × 78L05 Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 8 × BC848 SMD Discrete Semiconductors / Transistors, MOSFETs, FETs, IGBTs
  • 8 × IRLML6402 Discrete Semiconductors / Power Transistors and MOSFETs

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