Gerhard Schmidt

Hobby programmer

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This user joined on 07/29/2015.

Things I've Built

Electronic dice

with an ATtiny13

A digital watch with alarm

with an ATmega16

Frequency counter and pulse width meter

with an ATmega8 and analogue prescaler

LED digital clock

Clock and alarm

UV-LED and Timer

UV exposure for PCBs with an AVR timer

LED grave

Running LED display

Keypad reader

Reads 3*4 and 4*4 keypads using an ADC input pin

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dearuserhron wrote 05/22/2021 at 20:45 point

Hallo Gerhard, ich moechte sagen, das der Avr-asm Kurs sehr wichtig und nutzlich fuer mir war. Ich habe ihn zum meine freunde empfohlen. Die Lernmethodik ist die starke Sache.

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