A campfire guitar, driven by an arduino, with no strings attached.

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When i tried to learn the guitar, I always had the problem of too many fingers for too few strings. So I planned to get rid of them (strings, not fingers!). The result is a perfectly playable instrument, that is technically an arpeggiator, that sounds like a guitar.

You can choose from up to 11 strumming or picking patterns per song with your right hand, and up to 11 chords per song with your left hand, each one with only a single finger.

It features:

- an OLED Display that shows you the actual settings you chose for a song
- knobs for speed, volume and "raking"
- an SD-Card reader for your song library
- an USB-Port for programming and power supply
- a separate power jack
- a compartement for a 9V battery (for usage in the woods by the fireside)

A short song containing 3 Patterns and 6 chords

Sorry for the bad quality, i just used my laptops built-in cam & mic

A technical overview of the project

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    • Full Sized Guitar (as cheap as possible, it is only used as a case, you could also build a case yourself)
    • Arduino (I chose the Mega, for its memory, but with the added SD-Card i think it could be downsized)
    • Fluxamasynth Board (a midi synthesizer for arduino)
    • Rechargable speaker (with a built-in amplifier and a 3.5mm jack. I bought a round one that covers the hole in the guitar)
    • OLED-isplay
    • 2 matrix-keyboards 12 keys
    • SD-Card reader with SPI-nterface
    • MCP 3008 A/D Chip with SPI-nterface
    • 3 Potentiometers (for volume, speed and "raking")
    • USB connectors m/f (to bring the arduino USB port to the case wall)
    • Power connectors m/f (to bring the power jack to the case wall)
    • 9V Battery compartement
    • some wire (i used flat cable wherever possible)

    Tip: I bought a new guitar for as low as 20 Euro, which had the advantage that it is only made of cottonwood, which could be easily cut wit a box cutter.

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