Interface - Brain controlled wearable controller

Brain controlled wearable controller

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Think of this as Google glass meets Emotiv.

Computing interfaces have evolved from wires to keyboards to mouse to touch to voice making it easier for computation to happen through minimal effort. Still voice and touch are intrusive enough to consume a lot of time that could be used much productively. For eg, when we see or read about something new, we subconsciously take out phones/laptops out and google, but this is not possible always and leaves us with missed opportunities for learning.

Presenting, interface. A wearable that listens to your mind (brain waves) and gives instant answers to your question. This is not meant to replace your phone or computer, but to make the interaction with those device completely hands-free and seamless in any situation. Interface gets rid of your mouse & keyboard and listens to your commands (via brainwaves) to operate any device. No need to shout in the crowd or use your hands or legs for that matter.

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