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Interactive LED Kit

ArkadiArkadi 03/21/2017 at 14:320 Comments


The idea is designing basic elements of addressable LED`s which can be combined into fascinating shapes.

I play a lot with LED`s, mostly the famous addressable LED`s such as the ws2812.

[ Sample projects: ,,, . ]

You can get the LED`s in various forms such as strips, circles , Matrixes, bars, (Adafruit has a wide variety of shapes) or you can get them in SMD to design your own two dimensional shape.

Images from:

Mostly the forms aren't designed to be soldered together directly, you can solder wires between them but not to create a stand alone form.

Based on this Gap my concept started to formalize.

Design Process:

I have started my design iterations with a simple triangle as a standard base element and hence the name, Trixel - Triangle Pixel:

Later on i have extended the design for a square and a pentagon shapes while maintaining a few guide lines for compatibility between shapes.

Design rules:

- Equilateral shapes, side length 1 inch

- Side connector is a symmetric (V G S G V) 5 pin castellated, spaced at 0.1 inch

- One middle LED

- One input, the rest are potential outputs

Design files (Eagle) are available on GitHub: Trixel-LED