log2: Hardware - test plotter built

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Make better use of all your CNC plotter projects with cross hatching

shlonkinshlonkin 04/27/2017 at 14:150 Comments

Hardware - Keep in mind that this is not the main part of the project. It is simply an easy to make testing device for the software. Everyone and their cousin has built a little plotter out of optical drive mechanisms, so it's nothing too exciting. On the other hand, it might inspire other beginner tinkerers to make something fun using parts from their junk pile.

Sorry, I didn't take many progress pictures, but it is pretty easy to figure out just by looking at it.

Here's a brief overview.

Tests - As you can see above, I have drawn several pictures using the crosshatching software, which by the way is the main portion of this whole project and is still in early development.

Anyway, these pictures are all about 3x3cm which is really very small. Despite the tiny size in relation to the pen stroke resolution, I was able to get some really clear images with fine detail. I am happy. Oh, and these were made using four hatch levels/angles.

And to show the ability to draw both vector paths(from SVG files) as well as shading, here is your favorite logo. By the way, that writing you see was just something printed on the other side of the paper.

And while I'm at it, I like to explore the resolution and reliability of the plotter by drawing a tiny Hilbert curve.

What's next? In the next log I should be giving you the arduino portion of the code used in the plotter as well as a schematic. Stay tuned.