Aquarium feeder

Simple plywood aqurium feeder with 9 slots to feed the fishes controlled with Arduino.

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I made this to feed my shrimps while i am away. It has plywood three layers, with one that has 9 holes that can be loaded with shrimp food.

If you like to have more details, just ping me.

Old version (RELEASE/2.0) was using arduino UNO and serial terminal to configure the feeding pace.

Current version (master) is done with Arduino Mini and small board, that has new features:

* A button to reset the feeding cycle
* A 3-hole jumper to select the feeding pace, interpretted as binary number * 12h. With no jumper in place its in 'test mode' running one hole in 30s.

The new hardware also features a usb-micro connector to power the thing, since the mini board does not have usb-serial-connector to provide the power.

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