UV Resin Deposition 3D printing

Resin Deposition Modelling (RDM) and innovative 3D printing method

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The method we are presenting is an hybrid between Laser Stereolithography and Fuse Deposition Modelling methods. We named it Resin Deposition Modelling (RDM).
This innovative method consists in depositing material (UV curable resin) by means of a dispenser and a needle and immediately cure it using a 100mw/405nm laser diode beam.

Basically, we developed a toolhead for TwinTeeth (our delta robot) that incorporates a rotating turret with an attached focusable laser module . This new axis - the R axis - guides the laser beam tangentially to the dispensing needle, in such a way, that the beam is always following the motion path of the needle curing the resin.

More info and a video in our blog.

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