AVR Programmer

An AVR Programmer based on ArduinoISP

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Daughter card to the GVSDuino (Revision X4 or higher) and gets installed above the GVSDuino board
Status LEDs
PROG - Programming in progress
ERR - Error while programming
ALIV - Heartbeat
On-board 16 MHz resonator
Extended 12-pin ISP connector on bottom of board
Separate 6-pin ISP header allows board to act as an ISP programmer
The GVSDuino uses an FTDI-USB-TTL board for its USB host connection.
ATProgHead supports ATMega328P, ATTiny85 and other Atmel AVR parts.
Can be used to load bootloader onto factory fresh chips.
Can be used to load sketches onto chips without the overhead of the bootloader.
28-pin ATMega328P socket has a Zero Insertion Force socket which allows for easier programming than standard sockets (no tools required).
8-pin DIP socket for ATTiny parts
100mm square form factor
4-40 mounting hardware
3D printed standoffs for spacing off GVSDuino

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