Neurowave Seizure Detection Device

The project will be used to detect seizure via neurowaves and alert help

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There are many methods of detecting a seizure, having a seizure for more than 5 minutes can lead to brain damage. Industrial detection devices for the public only detect jerking movement or tonic-clonic seizure, they do not measure the actual brainwaves. Absence seizure result in unconsciousness which can be mistaken for fainting. When a seizure is detected, help is notified via SMS in 2.5 seconds for quick help
  • 1 × Arduino Mega 2560 Main, open source control board
  • 1 × Annikken Andee Bluetooth Shield
  • 1 × Sparkfun BlueSMiRF Silver bluetooth dongle
  • 1 × Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset EEG
  • 1 × Phone

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