Viduino is designed around the concept of software components. Each component represents ready to use functionality. Some of the components represent and are designed to control real hardware such as Sensor, Motor or Servo, others are representing pure software functionality such as signal generator, filter, mathematical function, or communication protocol.

The components have connection points called "Pins", and the Pins can be connected with "Wires" sending data between the components. Each component can have one or more pins capable of sending and receiving different data types.

Visuino also includes components for sending multiple data channels through the Serial Port, and the Visuino IDE has Scope and Visual Instruments that can display the multichannel data, allowing the Maker to monitor and display simultaneously multiple sensors or data points from the project.

In the spirit of Open Source development, all Arduino libraries for Visuino has been made Open Source and are available on Bitbucket:

and Sourceforge:

I have created G+ Community for the Visuino developers, and it has reached almost 7500 members.

Visuino uses an open component architecture, and anyone can develop their own components for it. I have created and posted SDK for Visuino components development. The SDK is currently available in the G++ Community.

A Visuino Wiki documentation is also available: