Universal 5 axes manipulator that serves many purposes. In electric and hydraulic variants. (background credit Ingvild Schage)

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Universal 5 axes manipulator that serves many purposes. In electric and hydraulic variants. Rope operated worm robot may be added in the future.
The electronic variant's mechanics is done, completely DIY, including planetary transmission of ratio 28 and has a payload capability of < 10 Kg.
While this is enough for the Automated Milking & Other Robot it is still too low a lifting capability for worlddevelopment purposes like forest work, crane et alia.
That's why the hydraulic variant is developed.

The manipulator is the pivot of a set of useful machines. The most famous example is the fruit nut vegetable automaton that harvests veggie food all on its own. Its environment has already been created (log entry).

It is made from readily available and easily DIY created parts. Mechanics and electronics will use general components only - and that in a modular way. (Because the internet is full of little or even less useful manipulators that fail to do real work or require you to run an entire manufacturing facility or many thousands of euros just to build one.)

The worlddevelopment manipulator costs approximately 1 K euros in total and is designed from the ground up to do serious work and to be entirely DIY repairable.

The fruit nut vegetable bot will show the manipulator in action for the first time this autumn: caring for the soil (plowing, weed pinching, watering, properties sensing, ...).

Through the winter a software stack will be developed to automate plant care which will do its magic in spring 2018.

Multi purpose

The manipulator - being powered hydraulically - is tremendously overpowered for the plant care job. Even worlddevelopment alone will use it in many multi faceted ways. Imagine how useful a free UNIX5 axis robotic arm is, one could have it:

  1. defend e.g. plants (scarecrow)
  2. win robot wars or contests
  3. grow, harvest plants or ripening low hanging fruits up to approximately 3m height.
  4. lift tree trunks
  5. play badminton with you or your kids
  6. keep you safe high in the air to repair e.g. the roof or water drain system (the big variant with 7m reach radius, 8m max height).
  7. lift your car to replace tires quicker.
  8. or whatever else your ethical hacker mind can think about.

  • Tool interface

    Open Eco Dev Club07/24/2017 at 20:09 0 comments

    The tool interface is designed to be as useful as possible.

    Two outputs are provided:

    • 1 electrical single phase line 230 V
    • 1 hydraulic circuit

    It allows attachments like:

    • PTO shaft hydraulic unit (standard interface in agriculture)
    • electric motor
    • light
    • tipper (trailer)
    • hydraulic motor
    • hydraulic cylinder (e.g. for an excavator shovel)

    By default an electric motor is attached. This allows a multitude of implements at the motor shaft, e.g. a gripper for holding a water hose or fork or shovel or hawk or whatever.

  • Manipulator Environment

    Open Eco Dev Club07/20/2017 at 07:42 0 comments

    5 axes manipulators love a homely environment. :-)

    So here we go.

    Environment construction documentation

  • Program Toolchain

    Open Eco Dev Club06/08/2017 at 19:25 1 comment


    • Completed the transition from Ubuntu to Arch and Void. (huge boost for all projects)
    • Void will be used on an ARM soft realtime system with custom software. (machine)
    • While Arch is our user system (developer).
    • Software modularity:
      • Release:
        • 0install (for Program, Electronics, ... files)
        • Arch.PKGBUILD, Void.template (for buildable sources, either source or pointing to tar.gz package release from 0install)
      • Development:
        • Git repositories: Very modular approach: Separate all into individual repositories, e.g. if a JavaScript functionality is developed for a web app then it is put into a separate repository and overlaid in the website content|template|base-release repository via git fetch.
          This decouples the projects from any release tool dependencies (no matter if e.g. Maven, pip or composer is used for e.g. upstream releases, no need to deal with it)


    This process is tested and works. e.g., are running entirely based on these universal development procedures. is using the 0install release system which allows to track the release within the repository and is our cross platfrom guarantee. (Note else we only provide Void, Arch Linux packages. 0install is our social component, because we like more gentlemen and ladies to enjoy the freedom wealth we're building.)


    The website which makes worlddevelopment club far more transparent (open bookkeeping) and content less spread | chaotic ;-) is still under construction. Was busy with the manipulator base: A circular brick and natural stone roundabout where the bot will reside in the middle surrounded by fruit and vegetables to harvest.
    Pictures of this in the next news. (currently busy with hay harvest and sorting out manipulator metal bills - and of course the redesign, see most recent Github issue which also explains why the manipulator is so epic:

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