BASIC microcomputer, based on Arduino

A microcomputer with PS/2 keyboard, SD card storage and composite video output, running Terminal-BASIC

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  • 1 × Arduino MEGA 2560 compatible board A core system, running Terminal-BASIC interpreter and producing video output
  • 1 × Arduino MEGA 2560 32Kb RAM expansion shield Add 32 Kb SRAM, used by BASIC programs
  • 1 × Arduino PRO mini PS/2 keyboard controller
  • 1 × RCA female socket Video output
  • 1 × PS/2 or DIN-5 female socket ps/2 keyboard input

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spikepavel1985 wrote 05/18/2018 at 01:54 point

Yes, this project runs well on DUE. No problems were detected at startup. Also, all the functions of this interpreter are modular, which allows you to customize it for yourself.

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Martian wrote 10/05/2017 at 19:11 point

I really like this project, very interested in this version of BASIC, I've been using TinyBASIC in my Arduino Computer projects, but it's very limited.

I wonder if this project could be replicated with an Arduino Due, with it's 96K of RAM and a SPI based SD adaptor.

Nice project. ;-)

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