Phase 1: Enter current device to market as a social media focused tool for both the consumer and enterprise market, featuring a current design of 3 stereoscopic cameras, with each camera capable of still photography and video. With a no-cost mobile App, users can enjoy a live feed, social media sharing, as well as lighting & content controls of the hardware. Most notably the hardware allows users to learn real time body measurements in less than 60 seconds, a feature to transition the product into phase 2.

Phase 2: Introduce a revolutionary fashion-retail, eCommerce capability via the eifle software. This software will allow users to shop directly from home in their EIFLE mirror. Currently the smart-mirror uses computer vision technology to capture real time body measurements. In phase 2, 3D mapping, and eCommerce will be engineered to allow users to subscribe to their favorite fashion retailers/brands, select their desired piece of clothing, and on screen via the eifle app see how the selected size will fit their actual body.

Eifle will release the product to the target millennial consumer in 2017. Once the software and engineering teams (comprised of PhD graduates) have completed the algorithms, design, and targeted partnerships, eifle will release the hardware to shop from the comfort of home. Importantly, the first eifle mirror consumers will not need to buy an additional product to access these shopping options. The team plans to release additional capabilities via software updates.