To print accurate parts for the new Prusa i3 Mk2 clone, I need to make sure that my old PrintrBot clone printer is dimensionally accurate, so I start by recalibrating the firmware on my old printer.

How to setup Marlin Firmware

  • 1:27 Constants: Board Type, Printer Type, Printing Area, Belts/Pulleys, Steps per mm, Hot End, Heated Bed
  • 3:20 M501 command will print most of the parameters
  • Marlin Firmware & Arduino at and
  • 4:26 Open marlin.ino with the Arduino IDE. Go to configuration.h tab
  • 4:40 Start of configuration.h options, pre-built available in the example_configurations folder
  • (todo: continue watching this video)

Steps per milimiter

Calibrating your extruder