Yet another drink maker, just not as fancy. But fancer then drinky poo 1.

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Its a drink maker with 5 pumps (so 5 different fluids can be mixed) with minimum features and all the functionality you need to make some drinks. I've seen a bunch online and thought their price tags were just astronomical for the job they do and way to fancy.

So I set out to make a five pump drink maker for under $150. I'm pretty sure I met my goal but I'm not really counting. Who cares, I can lay on my couch and drink greyhounds and get drunk.

Features of it:
- You can store a library of 20 drinks (an 18 character name for the drink and then a percent for each pump (like I want pump 1 to be 20% of the drink, and pump 5 to be 80% )
- You can create/edit/delete the drinks right on the machine
- You can calibrate the pumps on your setup with the simple calibration routine I wrote.

  • 1 × atmega328 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 1 × 7805ct
  • 1 × OLED newhaven 4x20 display
  • 4 × buttons
  • 6 ×

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  • Revival

    DTeel08/29/2015 at 00:06 0 comments

    so i recently left my job and while looking for another in my infinite free time, ive decided to remake the drinky poo but make it a little nicer and less prone to breaking while youre drunk trying to clean it up. Changes to the design are, a new enclosure that hides the circuit board and most the wiring, it uses darlington pairs now instead of relays so it can all be easily integrated on one circuit board, it only has 5 pumps instead of 6 (thanks to my patented measure once cut twice philosophy), and instead of lugging around a 5 pound 12v battery it uses a 12v wall wart which contributes to its new sleek look.

    One issue im running into right now which is the last barrier between me and my laying on a couch getting drunk is my pumps no longer seal the tubing causing the tubing to de-prime in between pours causing innaccurate liquid dispensing. Once i figure that out with possible smaller innerdiameter tubing or a check valve on all the lines, i can promise you i will get day deunk whilst laying on a couch.


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