Perf++ shields

We are experimenting with making Perf+ 2 like perf shields

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We designed the initial perf shield using KiCAD's recently dropped create array option. It is quite useful for designing perf regular footprint board layouts. Hopefully they re-add the capability. Until then, 4.0.2 is the version we recommend with these footprints.

Perf++ is a similar design to Ben Wang's Perf+ 2 that he successfully funded through Crowd Supply. Hackaday did a story on it compared to other current perf board concepts -

Hackaday link. Our version is similar, but we have open sourced the footprints and plan to integrate them into shields, capes, etc.

Perf Footprint Design

Each perf footprint is made of a central 1.1mm through-hole with a D shaped ring. The flat side aligns with a solder bridgeable pad on either side that connects either to horizontal or vertical trace lines. This allows for conditional connections in either direction and the traces can be cut to isolate multiple connections on the same trace. Using this grid system, the number of jumpers is none or minimal.


Perfy is semi-compatible in designing layouts on perf+ like systems.


The intial shield works with the standard Arduino Uno. We will be improving the design and creating more on request/demand. We will experiment with shields, capes, hats, etc., depending on the success of the perf footprint and the usefulness of the Arduino shield.

We are still debating how best to implement the footprint around double pin rows that are more common to other board ecosystems.

The Arduino shield is selling on Tindie now, we may crowdfund on a later revision to lower the cost.

  • On sale this weekend

    Chris Hamilton05/26/2017 at 17:38 0 comments

    I put up a test sale for the boards 15% off this weekend. Now $17 for 5. I can't sell them much cheaper without a higher volume.

  • Design Improvements

    Chris Hamilton05/22/2017 at 05:57 0 comments

    The initial run seems OK, though I think the through-hole could shrink and still be compatible with many components. I'll be shifting it around for Rev B, but the initial boards work OK. The silkscreen is off on some of the boards, but most seem to be aligned and legible. I'll remove the perf holes next to the connectors to provide more soldering space for riser connectors.

  • Initial Run

    Chris Hamilton05/14/2017 at 07:29 0 comments

    The initial run has been shipped from pcbway. Hopefully they look good and are functional. I have put up prices and initial stock on Tindie. If we need another run, we should still be able to ship within the Tindie 14 day window.

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