Dehumidifier Water Recycler

This device automatically recycles dehumidifier water to toilet.

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Since I have dehumidifiers operating in my humid Philadelphia, PA basement during warmer months (a typical thing here anyway), I figure why not use the water somehow? I hacked a dehumidifier I keep near a bathroom to pump water into the toilet during a flush. One AND gate chip checks that the toilet is flushing (water level drops) and dehumidifier has water before activating a fountain pump via 5V/120V relay to fill the toilet. The toilet tap water valve is turned down so that more dehumidifier water is used.

The toilet is fitted with a PVC pipe that sits on top of the toilet float. When the float is down during flushing, the pipe is down to activate a magnetic reed switch, letting the AND gate and indicator LED know the toilet is flushing.

When the dehumidifier has sufficient water so the pump doesn't run dry, a float rises to activate a magnetic reed switch that tells the AND gate and indicator LED the dehumidifier has water.

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OneShot Willie wrote 09/06/2014 at 02:02 point
They were azaleas, and they grew to be huge. It really saved them several years ago when there was a drought! We had to replace several in the back yard, but none in the front where I was feeding them.

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OneShot Willie wrote 08/09/2014 at 18:58 point
That's a great idea! I elevated my dehumidifier, and had gravity drop it into the vent tube of my air conditioner's condensation line, and let that pump push it out. I then set the condensation line up outside to water the front flower bed. I think your idea would have saved me more money though... : )

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ameyring wrote 08/31/2014 at 11:27 point
Thanks for the comment (and sorry for the delay). I've read dehumidifier water may affect some plants because the water lacks nutrients, but it seems to depend on other factors as well. Hope the plants are doing well, though!

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