Economic Plan for People Everywhere

Using 3D printing and the like we can level the playing field so that all people on Earth can participate in the global economy.

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A person in a developing nation cannot sell goods in USA because of the cost of shipping and other limitations. If, however, we offer 3D design services at internet cafes so that people can capture their goods as electronic design files, then manufacturing and sales businesses in the USA can make and sell the goods on-demand from internet customers.

It's a win-win concept because the USA businesses get increased work volume and the developing nations increase their wealth. It's good for consumers because they get a more international product selection and they can buy from individuals who can customize the goods and add cultural value.

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hannahhooper584 wrote 05/20/2022 at 10:52 point

Economic planning is a resource allocation technique that uses an iterative process to solve a limited maximizing problem. I was reading this essay about the economic role of servant leadership. And it provides me with useful information. This theory varies from one person to the next. It could be the tool needed to alter the world, according to several people.

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