Automated Fire Hose Turret

In a high fire risk area, having a set of turrets set up to stop fires before they become a problem could be a good idea!

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My neighborhood in the hills of Los Angeles seems to spontaneously combust on a regular basis. That isn't fun, and neither is paying the insurance bill!
What if we could make a turret that scans the surrounding area for fire, and then shoots water at it with surgical precision, putting out the fire when it is small, before it gets to be a problem? It could also provide a way to show video to the local fire department, and contact them when it detects anything unusual.

This project contains a number of interesting technical challenges:
1.) Detection of fire. Possibly by video identification.
2.) Pin pointing the location of the fire.
3.) Aiming a hose or other water projectile source at the fire accurately.
4.) Launching water an extreme distance.
5.) Storing water in sufficient quantity to put out a fire.
6.) Creating a communications network that can be used by the fire department to evaluate the situation and take remote control of the turret if necessary.
7.) Power

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