Thermal BuyList Printer

A automatic buylist printer

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I have bought an d10 thermal printer on ebay, so want to make a small test project for the printer.
With this project you can print out your buylist. Simply add the items on the website hosted on the rpi, press the print button and the printer prints the list to paper.

Please follow the build instructions on the GitHub project page
  • 1 × RPI B
  • 1 × D10 thermal printer
  • 1 × SD Card
  • 1 × Thermal Paper
  • 1 × USB to LPT cable,

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Charles Griceth wrote 05/12/2024 at 04:51 point

hi any experience with  d10 thermal printer, I want to write a article about d10 thermal printer same like article Dual Tray Laser Printer

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