rev2 actuator body

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Micron level manipulator, using printed and low cost components

david-brownDavid Brown 07/14/2017 at 15:470 Comments

So the initial build of an actuator has allowed me to get a better understanding of the behaviour of the SLS nylon 3D prints and the overall behaviour of the mechanism.

I've ordered the new geometry and it will be another few weeks wait for the parts to arrive. Meanwhile I need to sort out how and what the monofilament linkages will be attached and start looking at implementing the algorithm for controling a Gough Stewart mechanism. Images below the break

Updated actuator body and coupling peg showing change of resistor slot to allow easier installation of the control board.

Showing the arc swept by the actuator lever that requires a degree of compliance to be alowed for in the stepper nut housing.

End view showing tolerance allowed for the slight lateral movement during the arc sweep. The new design also means that the nut is captive in the coupling peg. If the clearance for the stepper shaft is insufficient then it can be drilled out slightly larger.

The spru model used to minimise the per item handling costs, so all 6 actuators and coupling pegs mounted on a single spru. This also helps with handling during the cleaning process after printing.