Water level remote sensor

The goal is to make a RF remote water level sensor for the water tank at my cabin.

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The water tank at my cabin is placed in the forest about 150 meters from the cabin. As the water is used for everyday purposes as washing water and toilet I want to know if we have enought water to flush the toilet or if we have to save water to the dishwashing. And running 150m to check every time I've been to te toilet is kind a out of the question.

I am in the first stages of this project. Have made the first prototype board for the transmitter unit. Feel I have control with the solar panel and the pressostat.

On the breadboard is the test setup for the reciver.

Status at the moment is that I have trouble with the range on the RF link. Probably something I do wrong. 

High priority now is to get the link to work over some distance.

And future expansion plans is:

- A simple led panel to inform about water level at the cabin.

- Connect the reciever to a Raspberry Pi with a 3G modem to upload temp, water level and webcam to my home server.

  • ESP8266

    Kjetil08/30/2015 at 21:05 0 comments

    After the disapointment of low range with th 433Mhz modules, I have begin tinkering with a ESP8266 module. I have chosen a ESP-07 because it has an antenna connector.

    I connected it to a pressostat, and set up some timers in lua. I get consistent and stable readings off the pressostat. But I will have to rethink the power management and program the wifi comunication. That will happen a day in the future....

    (It have been a rainy summer and water has not been a problem this year as it was when the project was started....)

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Tamara Gagliardi wrote 07/27/2015 at 07:26 point

Did you have any luck  fixing the propblem you encountered with the the RF link? What RF module are you using? 


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Kjetil wrote 07/27/2015 at 19:44 point

Have been busy on other projects, so this one stalled... Hav goten
some other RF transeivers but not yet tested them. They are of the
cheapest from ebay......
Also i am considering using a ESP8266 as
they have shown to work over some distance. I'am thinking of an
raspberry pi on the reciver end so it would bee easy to interface.

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