Taking the rear insert to the NeoPixel Max

A project log for Halo 4 Helmet ( Size A, B, C )

3D printable Halo 4 Master Chief helmet in various sizes...

big_red_frogbig_red_frog 03/02/2014 at 03:191 Comment

First dimensionally accurate model a 16 led Neopixel ring from adafruit to OCD level 1 because you can...

The led

The ring

Then define a body space gap with the model so you can use it as a boolean operator against the piece you wish to mount it in.

Design a test piece to test the body space fit.

Print it, low material use compared to final part, so you can afford to iterate...Be amazed when it fits like a glove the first time.

Model it directly into the target part...

Print it ready for integration. Shame the print is not quite as glassy...

Prototype your electronics.

Stick it in and press go... Very hard to video....

No easier to video when in the helmet, trust me, it looks fab...

Of course this means I will have to place an Arduino nano into the helmet peak next to the 9 volt. Good thing i already have a model for that!

to be continued.


darip2006 wrote 09/10/2019 at 06:29 point

Hi  I was wondering if you could put the neopoxel stl up on thingyverse?  Thanks in advance!  :-)

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