Wire routing with tie wraps

A project log for Halo 4 Helmet ( Size A, B, C )

3D printable Halo 4 Master Chief helmet in various sizes...

big_red_frogbig_red_frog 03/02/2014 at 22:030 Comments

Print in place tie wrap mount points for wiring guides

Note the parts at and

Are replacement parts for the size A model. They were designed after the main model was completed.

Size B and C have all these features in there base model already.

They have simple "warts" in the walls to allow the insertion of tie wraps, you can then use these to route the wiring from the jowl and rear insert LED's up to the 9 volt battery in the peak which mounts in a print in place sprung clip.

The present lighting circuit is very simple, soldering the resistor in series with each pair of 5mm LEDs. The resistor can sit directly between the LED's themselves, which makes soldering the twisted pins easy.

Here is a Jowl Led insert, two 5mm LED's and a suitable current limiting resistor in series back to the 9 Volt battery.

Here are the rear insert LEDs, with contacts taped off. Same combination of two 5mm LED's and a current limiting resistor.

Note all three pairs, 2 Jowls and the rear insert are wired in parallel to the 9 volt.

Here is the Jowl on the other side, which wires straight to the peak to join up with the other runs.

I originally put an in line switch in the design, but it was more trouble than it was worth, and pulling the battery connector off is the preferred form of control at this time...