Connected Bedroom Hackspace

A low-cost redesign of a typical apartment bedroom into a fully-functional hackerspace

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This has been an ongoing project since early May, when we first moved in to an unfurnished apartment. All furniture in the room (aside from the mattress) is custom built and designed to be easy to replicate. Features include:

- Custom white hardpanel flooring laid over the standard carpet to both protect the carpet, make dropped components easier to find, and improve cleanup time.

- A full 16-foot floor-to-ceiling whiteboard wall for inspiration and laying out ideas

- Over 70 feet of shelf space for projects and tools

- Storage solutions for scrap material and finished projects

- A custom CNC standing electronics bench

- A time-lapse camera setup for automatically documenting projects and streaming live hacks

We're releasing Instructables as we go, and we plan to be "finished" (i.e. all major features complete and instructions posted) before the year's end.

  • "Initial Commit"

    Fabricate.IO08/18/2014 at 23:32 0 comments

    To date, we've accomplished a great deal:

    - Hackproofing the room to prevent unecessary damage

    - Fully furnishing the room with almost every piece of furniture custom made

    - Developing a versatile yet inexpensive set of tools for the majority of hacking needs

    - Maintaining a viable storage space for large scrap materials (wood, steel)

    - Keeping an organized system for past, current, and future projects

    - Discovering a source of cheap wireless cameras to enable broadcast of audio and video

    - Documentation of some of the furniture in the hack space

    We're still working on the fun parts:

    - A Twitch-style video podcast of our hacks

    - An automatic time-lapse for our projects

    - Full documentation of all furniture, tools, installation, and video setup

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AVR wrote 07/11/2018 at 13:26 point

one the rooms in my apartment is my hackerspace. 3d printer, work bench, electronics work bench, soldering station, test equipment, PC at the center lol good luck!!!

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