Quantity   Component name
1 × HC05/HC06 Bluetooth module It is used for IoT modules that connect via Bluetooth to solution gateway
2 × ZigBee-Xbee S2/S1 or whatever *Bee modules This pair is used fo IoT modules that connect via XBee/ZigBee to solution gateway
2 × ZigBee-Xbee S2/S1 or whatever *Bee modules breakout/usb adapter boards These are used as adapters in order to connect IoT modules Arduino with Xbee & solution gateway to Xbee
2 × Arduino Mini Pro (or other mini/nano *duino) These are the "brains" of its Arduino based module
3 × Semi permanent breadboards These are the foundations of each module (Both Arduino & Raspberry Pi based)
3 × Sensors(is DS1820/DS1821/DHT11/DHT22.... you name it) Sensor/s that connect with Arduinos and/or Raspberry Pi and gather data
2 × LiPo batteries The "juice" for each Arduino based module
1 × Raspberry Pi Zero W(or whatever you want) The brain of Raspberry Pi based module and/or of all solution from client perspective(solution gateway)
1 × Kg of Wiring code For Arduino based IoT modules
2 × Kgs of Python code For Raspberry Pi based IoT module and/or as application gateway's REST API client
3 × Kgs of PHP code As REST API Server and/or Web application that presents sensor's data from IoT modules
1 × Linux based LAMP and/or LEMP stack server
1 × NXP USB-KW24D512 Wireless Development Module A programmable USB stick that can sniff XBee packets