Quantity   Component name
2 × 350W brushless DC hub wheel motor Can be harvested from a hoverboard
2 × brushless electronic speed controllers (VESC)
1 × 10S2P 36V battery Can be harvested from a hoverboard
1 × T-slot profiles with mounting accessoires Various lengths depending on the design
1 × USB hub I used a cheap 10 port USB hub to allow plenty of expansion possibilities
1 × 3D sensor Kinect, RealSense, Asux Xtion or other. I used the RealSense R200 from the Robotics Developer Kit.
1 × Small computer board I used the UP board supplied with the Robotics Developer Kit. A NUC or other computer which is powerful enough would work.
2 × AS-5047P magnetic rotary position sensor development board
1 × Power distribution board using XT-60 connectors No PCB design yet, create manually or use a different distribution block